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Article posted Jul 22 2009, 2:10 AM Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions Source: Sunday Express Print

War hero Patton 'murdered by the CIA'

By Mike Parker

SECOND World War hero General George S Patton was murdered by an American assassin to cover up Allied blunders which cost thousands of lives, according to a new book.

The CIA deliberately caused the car crash which left the general with a broken neck in an attempt to silence him, military historian Robert Wilcox claims.

He was then allegedly killed by poison as he lay paralysed in his hospital bed in Heidelberg, Germany.

Mr Wilcox believes Gen Patton – known as Old Blood and Guts – was killed because he was going to reveal a series of disastrous mistakes made by the Supreme Allied Command, including future president Dwight D Eisenhower.

“I don’t believe Eisenhower would ever have been elected president if Patton had lived to say the things he wanted to say,” said Mr Wilcox.

“He was going to resign and spill wartime secrets that would have ruined careers.” The writer tracked down former US government assassin Douglas Bazata, who he claims admitted his role in Gen Patton’s death.

“He confessed to me that he had caused Patton’s ‘accident’ and that he had been ordered to do so by Office of Strategic services boss General William ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan.” Gen Patton officially died from a blood clot on his brain 12 days after the accident in 1945.

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Posted: Jul 22 2009, 7:54 PM

71226 For many years I thought there was something suspicious with Patton's death. He was popular and he wanted to invade the USSR. That would have interrupted the power elite's plan to make $$$$$$$ off of the Cold War.
I became even more suspicious after they came out with a film about Patton's death.

Posted: Jul 23 2009, 3:34 PM

205208 I know that General George Patton was a hate-able all-around bigot and rivalrous maniac who was an open admirer and sympathizer of Hitler and the Nazis while in the position of Allied governor general of Bavaria, German, in the aftermath of WWII, a position from which this often reckless and blunder-bust general was sacked for these perverse and un-American affections and it is a farfetched and patently absurd notion and assertion that a federal agency needlessly conspired against a publicly self-discredited and disgraced General Patton to protect the honor and perception of competency of presidential candidate General Dwight Eisenhower and the Allied military high command from impending damaging disclosures against them by Patton. Furthermore, Patton did not have a stellar record of command competency himself, having squandered huge numbers of his troops in tank battles against German General Rommel in North African until the intervention of the forces of British General Bernard Montgomery and his learning from Montgomery’s combat strategies and example, and having ordered high-risk disastrous combat operations unscrupulously and pusillanimously under other commanders’ names in the European war theater. Yes, he himself served as an improved and effective commander in the concluding battles against the German forces in North Africa and often later as a direct commander in Europe. However, Eisenhower and the Allied, as well as U.S., military command had nothing to hide as throughout WWII battle engagements, strategies and constant failings and failures were under constant media, political and internal military oversight, account, review, criticism and critique. All serious military history books chronicle and every experienced military structure of any nation knows that sustained warfare inherently is very messy and rife with imperfection, gross errors, misadventures, catastrophes, depravity, unpredictability, folly, insanity, disinformation, mendacity and embarrassments, at a minimum, on all sides. Eisenhower himself publicly reported that he had written in advance of the messy but successful Normandy Invasion a letter of apology for its failure that he had prepared for presentation to the American and Allied-nations publics.

Someone is trying to sell another shit-spewing conspiracy theory book to shit-loving conspiracy-theory nut readers. This is not to say that homo sapiens sapiens is not a conspiratorial animal with a conspiratorial dimension to his and her nature. The overwhelming evidence is that our species is not a mindless, pointless and needless such animal, in large part, especially on the part of the higher rungs of the human intelligence and education ladder.

It is my considered and fair opinion that Patton died the way he lived: a reckless blunder-bust. He was the victim of poetic justice, irony and Kharma.

Posted: Jul 23 2009, 9:01 PM

71226 Anon may not be far off base about his Karma, or whatever shit-loving new agers call it...Patton did think he was reincarnated, but you're wrong about the conspiracy. The dude admitted it

Posted: Jul 24 2009, 12:01 AM

205208 Anon. 71.226. Need you be told that late-life testimonials of unrebuttable lone and lonely survivors, often hungry for attention and caring, significance and a money opportunity, and subject to the taint of alcoholism and dementia, are questionable, dubious, unreliable and not trustworthy in the least? The author of Obamanation got an aunt of President Obama residing in poverty in Kenya to swear that he was born there and that she was a witnesss, fueling the right-wing crazies' dysinformation accusations-and- clamor campaign that President Obama, confirmed by an official and certified State of Hawaii birth certificate to have been born in Hawaii, is not a native-born U.S. citizen. His alleged testimonial does not fit the context of credibility and is made in isolation of challenge by concerned parties, and is way late in coming.

For the record, I am no aficionado of the federal government, apart for the U.S. Constitution. However, I am a devotee of common sense, uncommon sense, logic, fairness, honesty and truth telling and am glad to pop someone's dishonest money-driven glamor bubble.

Posted: Aug 02 2009, 8:45 PM

67159 [Deleted: none of that nonsense here buddy]

Posted: Aug 02 2009, 9:45 PM

67159 I'm not your buddy, and you haven't the guts to keep my comment on your web site.

Posted: Aug 02 2009, 9:56 PM

"I will tell you why you are laughed at, little man, because I take you seriously, very seriously.

Invariably you miss the truth in your thinking. You remind me of the whimsical sharpshooter who purposely misses the bull's eye by a hair's breadth. You disagree? I'll prove it.

You could have become the master of your existence long ago if your thinking aimed at the truth. I'll give you an example of your thinking:

"It's all the fault of the Jews," you say. "What's a Jew?" I ask. "People with Jewish blood," you say. "How do you distinguish Jewish blood from other blood?" The question baffles you. You hesitate. Then you say, "I meant the Jewish race." "What's race?" I ask. "Race? That's obvious. Just as there's a Germanic race, there's a Jewish race." "What are the characteristics of the Jewish race?" "A Jew has black hair, a long hooked nose, and sharp eyes. The Jews are greedy and capitalistic." "Have you ever seen a southern Frenchman or an Italian side by side with a Jew? Can you distinguish between them?" "No, not really . . ." "Then what's a Jew? His blood picture is the same as everyone else's. His appearance is no different from that of a Frenchman or an Italian. On the other hand have you ever seen any German Jews?" "They look like Germans." "What's a German?" "A German is a member of the Nordic Aryan race." "Are the Indians Aryans?" "Yes." "Are they Nordics?" "No." "Are they blond?" "No." "See? You don't even know what a Jew or a German is." "But Jews do exist!" "Of course Jews exist. So do Christians and Mohammedans." "That's right. I meant the Jewish religion." "Was Roosevelt a Dutchman?" "No." "Why do you call a descendant of David a Jew if you don't call Roosevelt a Dutchman?" "The Jews are different." "What's different?" "I don't know."

That's the kind of rubbish you talk, little man. And with such rubbish you set up armed gangs that kill ten million people for being Jews, though you can't even tell me what a Jew is. That's why you're laughed at, why anybody with anything serious to do steers clear of you. That's why you're up to your neck in muck. It makes you feel superior to call someone a Jew. It makes you feel superior because you feel inferior. You feel inferior because you yourself are exactly what you want to kill off in the people you call Jews. That's just a sampling of the truth about you, little man.

When you contemptuously call someone a "Jew," your sense of your own littleness is relieved. I discovered that only recently. You call anyone who arouses too much or too little respect in you a Jew. And as if you'd been sent down to earth by some higher power, you take it on yourself to decide who is a Jew. I contest that right, regardless of whether you're a little Aryan or a little Jew. No one but myself is entitled to say what I am. I am a biological and cultural mongrel and proud of it; in mind and body, I am a product of all classes and races and nations. I don't pretend to be racially or socially pure like you, or a chauvinist like you, petty fascist of all nations, races, and classes. I'm told that you didn't want a Jewish engineer in Palestine because he was uncircumcised. I have nothing more in common with Jewish fascists than with any other fascists. I am moved by no feelings for the Jewish language, Jewish religion, or Jewish culture. I believe in the Jewish God no more than in the Christian or Indian God, but I know where you get your God. I don't believe that the Jews are God's "chosen people." I believe that someday the Jewish people will lose themselves among the masses of human animals on this planet and that this will be a good thing for them and their descendants. You don't like to hear that, little Jewish man. You harp on your Jewishness because you despise yourself and those close to you as Jews. The Jew himself is the worst Jew hater of all. That's an old truth. But I don't despise you and I don't hate you. I simply have nothing in common with you, at any rate no more than with a Chinese or a raccoon, namely, our common origin in cosmic matter. Why do you stop at Shem, little Jew, why not go back to protoplasm? To my mind, life begins with plasmatic contraction, not with rabbinic theology." - Wilhelm Reich, Listen Little Man

Posted: Aug 03 2009, 9:45 PM

67159 [Deleted: You're a joke of a human]
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