1976 Swine Flu Propaganda

Apr. 29, 2009

To sum up this flu situation as simply as possible, all fear-mongering about outside threats (whether real or imagined) is just an excuse for totalitarianism. It doesn't matter if it's the threat of disease or the threat of terrorism, you either live in a free society with a recognition of certain threats which exist in the world or you live in a totalitarian state with a never ending fear of death. - Chris

Update: With the way things are developing the question I am asking myself is; is this talk of not panicking, staying calm etc., just a way to have the virus actually spread further or is it being done as some sort of "war of the worlds" type psychological test on the public testing the possibility of some similar future scenario? At this point I do not know, I am personally leaning towards this being overblown and not a real threat, it is hard to say for sure though as we are being bombarded with mixed messages. I do know regardless of how this plays out I would not touch any so-called vaccine with a 50 foot pole. I would recommend people be cautious though as there is certainly no harm in exercising reservation, the prospect of this being a bioweapon is unfortunately a very real possibility.

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