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Article posted Jun 15 2007, 5:52 PM Category: Commentary Source: Kurt Nimmo Print

Feds Torture “Tax Protester” Irwin Schiff

Kurt Nimmo

Considering what the government is doing to “tax protester” Irwin Schiff, it makes sense the “tax protesters” Ed and Elaine Brown have vowed to die before allowing hired guns working in the service of the psychopathocracy to take them in.

According to a post on the Rumor Mill News website, political prisoner Schiff was “was given the diesel treatment,” that is to say his sadistic wards put him on a bus, trussed in shackles, and drove him around for twelve or more hours. “The blood pools in your legs… the shackles cut in to your skin. You are NOT allowed to go to the bathroom, so people urinate in their clothes,” the post explains. “Prisoners are routinely given shoes that are too small… toe nails become ingrown to the point that prisoners have to pull them out with pliers to ease the pain… This is what happened to Irwin… they gave him boots that were too small. His foot became infected, he developed gangrene and they had to amputate his toe.”

For those unfamiliar with Schiff, he is 78 years old and serving 151 months in prison and was ordered to pay over $4.2 million in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service for the crime of not paying “income taxes,” otherwise known as slave ransom, or that’s what your humble blogger calls it, anyway. He currently languishes, apparently minus a toe, as Inmate #08537-014 at the Federal Correction Institution at Fort Dix, New Jersey, located on the Fort Dix/McGuire Air Force Base military installation. Fort Dix was in the news recently when a pizza delivery guy threatened to attack the base and kill as many soldiers as possible.

IRS Generalfeldmarschall Mark Everson told the media upon Schiff’s conviction in 2005, “Paying taxes is the price of citizenship. After three strikes, I would hope that even Schiff realizes that he has struck out.” Indeed, Schiff not only “struck out,” but apparently is in the process of losing body parts due to the Abu Ghraib-like conditions at Fort Dix.

Of course, it was our psychopathic rulers who long ago decided paying ransom, er income taxes, is “the price of citizenship,” as this was considered a reprehensible concept until the 16th Amendment was “ratified” in 1913. No doubt Mr. Everson missed history class on the day the teacher told the story about Thomas Jefferson, who managed to repeal all direct federal taxes—call it ransom, excuse me, income taxes—passed by the Federalists and boasted that ordinary Americans would never see a federal tax collector in their whole lives. Back in the day, the Republicans fought not only against direct taxes, but the authoritarian Alien and Sedition Acts foisted on the country by the Federalists. Nowadays, Republicans make the Federalists of yore look like pikers.

Again, considering the “diesel treatment” meted out to Schiff, the determination of Ed and Elaine Brown not to be taken alive makes perfect sense, as only a masochist would allow himself to be subjected to such brutal abuse, purposely inflicted by minions in the service of our rulers, who are criminal psychopaths.

Naturally, the taxes we are now paying will pale in comparison to what is coming, beginning with the so-called “carbon tax,” that is to say a fleecing scheme predicated on a ruse or at best an unsubstantiated theory based on junk science. Other taxes will of course follow, as our rulers have a mighty thirst for thievery and, unfortunately, far too many Americans are easily distracted and bamboozled when the government snake oil wagon trundles down Main Street promising miracle cures against the ills that plague us. Osama bin Laden, the CIA operative, is one such ill, and yet another is “climate change.”

But we are ripe for the picking. And the question is: How many of us will end up no better off, possibly worse, than the average Chinese zek, and how many of us will end up sharing Irwin Schiff’s fate?

No doubt plenty to the former and precious few to the latter.

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Posted: Jun 16 2007, 12:36 AM

142162 What in the hell would happen if the population of the United States agreed to pay One Billion Dollars to rid themselves of the heads of Black Water Security, Homeland Security, Cheney, Rice , Bush and everything that stands between us and freedom. The SECRET SERVICE terminated.The CIA gone.The Federal Private Reserve gone replaced by The United States Bank of America . The FBI monitored and answerable to the public .The DEA gone. No Masons allowed to hold public positions . ALL people even those holding public positions of power . The news will tell the news ,all the news good and bad . I am now waiting for the ships in the gulf to be nuked as the signal for all out war or another Neocon false flag on your own soil.Either way Martail Law , then they round up every one who is against these few criminals and erase them . There are 330,000,000 Americans verses about 200 people . Where are your brave proud people right now ? You have none ,otherwise this would have ever gotten this far . SO to DIE or NOT TO die , iT'S YOUR CHOICE !

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