The Dirtiest Bomb on Earth

The Truth Will Set You Free
Oct. 22, 2006

Always warning that other nations might use dirty bombs against US, our government has been using the dirtiest bomb on earth since the first Gulf war.

And which country set the precedent?

Israel - as far back as 1973 - against Egypt.
"In 1995, the director of AEPI told assistant secretary of the army, 'we can't reduce the toxicity [of DU munitions] - it's not possible.'

The United States Army [common task training?] states very specifically- 'uranium contamination will make food and water unusable' and yet we use it in combat all over the place.

That's why the United Nations Subcommission on Human Rights had ruled that uranium munitions were an illegal weapon - cause they're indiscriminate.

They can't be cleaned up and they last for eternity."

--Dr. Doug Rokke, US Army Health Physicist, Nuclear Medicine Sciences Officer

* * *

"Depleted uranium has a half life of four and a half billion years. If we had a pound of depleted uranium now, in four and a half billion years there would only be half a pound left.

This means that the Middle East, Central Asia, and Yugoslavia are contaminated - forever."

--Leuren Moret, Geological Scientist, International Radiation Expert
Still wonder why they call US the great satan?

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