Political Conspiracies Really Do Happen!

Prison Planet
Oct. 18, 2006

A political event that is planned well in advance and timed to impact at the most expedient time requires a number of individuals to conspire to make it happen. It is therefore a conspiracy in the truest sense of the term. That's right! Not everything the Bush administration does is because of incompetence, as the left gatekeepers would claim, but political conspiracies actually do happen!

One of the five dictionary definitions of conspiracy: "Any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result."

Just over three weeks ago we postulated that Karl Rove's "October surprise" that he "promised" to deploy would be the dead carcass of Osama Bin Laden, served up on a plate and exalted as the fruit of the Republican's "strong prosecution of the war on terror." Hey, we may all be child molesting bloodsuckers but at least we can protect you from the bad guys!

Rove has been ominously and messianically "assuring" the media in recent weeks that the crime syndicate he fronts for have nothing to worry about on November 7. Either he is so brainwashed by his own hubris and propaganda that it has completely blinded him to reality or he knows that something is in the pipeline.

Now it's Reuters' turn to don the tin foil hats and begin frothing about how the Bush junta are set to play a wild card to claw back their slipping control of the House and Senate.

"A last-minute "October surprise" -- a dramatic news event that shakes up the U.S. election -- could be a wild card in the final three weeks of the fight for control of Congress," writes John Whitesides.

"The October surprise has a long history in U.S. political campaigns, from the collapse of hostage negotiations with Iran before President Jimmy Carter's 1980 loss to Ronald Reagan to the airing of an Osama bin Laden video before President George W. Bush's re-election in 2004."

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