Graphic Girls’ Sex Ed Book Urging Lesbianism Published by Government Funded Toronto Agency

Called one of “most irresponsible and obscene
Oct. 08, 2006

TORONTO, September 19, 2006 ( - Toronto youth are being given a manual with detailed instructions on lesbian sex acts that is published and distributed by Toronto social services agency, St. Stephen's Community House, an agency funded by all three levels of government.

The Little Black Book--A Book on Healthy Sexuality Written by Grrrls [sic] for Grrrls claims to be a youth-friendly guide to teenage sexuality, offering girls advice and information.

In reality it reads like a guide to lesbian pornography, with section titles such as “My First Time F***ing a Girl” and “How to Use a Dental Dam” (a “safe sex” device for oral/anal sex).

The guide contains dangerously inaccurate information on “safe sex” practices, assuring girls that using devices to reduce sexually transmitted infections offers reliable protection, without including warnings of the failure rates of such devices. The World Health Organization warns that condoms, even when used properly, have a failure rate of 20 percent, crucial information missing from the manual.

“This is one of the most irresponsible and obscene school documents that we have ever seen,” said Joseph Ben-Ami, executive director for the Institute for Canadian Values, in a press release. “Using this as a guide to healthy sexuality for teenage girls would be one of the most potentially harmful decisions that any school could make.”

Ben-Ami called the book a “veiled propaganda piece,” saying it “undermines healthy parent-child relationships, substitutes voodoo myths for actual science, and provides advice that, if followed, will certainly result in real and serious harm to those who follow it.”

The guide encourages girls to explore lesbian sexuality, making the unfounded claim that only 10 percent of the population is heterosexual, with 80 percent being “mixed” or bi-sexual.

“The guide does not just endorse homosexual practice--it virtually promotes it, and portrays those who object to such practices, particularly parents, as being homophobes, stating that ‘A lot of parents are homophobic, and so are their children until they get minds of their own,” said Ben-Ami.

In one of the worst examples of biased and indefensible statements contained in the manual, the guide makes the out-of-context statement that “[i]f you need someone to represent God The Holiness, then for me, it’s a fat black dyke.”

“What this statement has to do with healthy emotional and sexual development is beyond us,” Ben-Ami said.

The manual was produced by St. Stephen’s Community House in Toronto, with funding from all three levels of government. The organization’s financial statements for the year ending March 31, 2006, show a total of $7,841,131 in government funding.

That number includes contributions from Canada’s federal government ($1,543,108), the province of Ontario ($3,968,825) and the city of Toronto ($1,156,454, as well as an additional $1,175,744 in fees from the city).

Page 24 of St. Stephen’s 2006 annual report lists the numerous donors, funders and partners of St. Stephen’s. Among the Foundations is included the School Sisters of Notre Dame of Ontario and among the Partners and in-kind Supporters is included The Toronto District Catholic School Board.

Ben-Ami told the fact that St. Stephen’s management would undertake such an extremely inappropriate project indicates a current serious problem with the overall organization.

“What's happened”, he stated, “over the last couple of decades is that a lot of these groups, including groups that have very strong religious affiliation, have slowly and surely been taken over and co-opted by left wing, radical groups and their good name is now being used to advance a radical social agenda.”

The Institute for Canadian Values has just advised that the St. Stephen’s House web site version of The Little Black Book has now been removed from public viewing and replaced with a page indicating that the page does not exist. Google cache only brings up a black table of the former page with all content missing. No explanation has been given on the St. Stephen’s web site, although viewers may be misled to believe that the offending material does not exist. Ben-Ami states this development indicates his organization's campaign has been having an effect.

The Institute for Canadian Values will send whatever evidence they have of the offending material to those who send an email with their contact information to: [email protected]

The St. Stephen’s Annual Report for 2006:

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