Detainee in German Train Bomb Plot Released

Deutsche Welle
Sep. 16, 2006

A Syrian men who was being held in custody on suspicion of participating in the failed terrorist attack on two German trains in July has been released.

A German court on Thursday ordered the release of a young Syrian man held in connection with the failed bid to bomb trains in Germany in July. The federal court in Karlsruhe, in southwestern Germany, cited a lack of evidence against Fadi A.S. that would require his further incarceration.

The 23-year-old from Konstanz in southern Germany was arrested on Aug. 25 on suspicion of helping plot the twin bombings of passenger trains heading for the western cities of Hamm and Koblenz.

Prosecutors claimed he had searched the Internet for instructions on how to make bombs and later helped other suspects escape to Lebanon. He was charged in absentia in Lebanon with attempted murder and arson earlier this month along with four other suspects, all of them Lebanese.

Three of the men were arrested in Lebanon and the fourth in Germany.

A thwarted attempt

The two alleged masterminds of the plot, Yusef Mohammed el-Hajdib and Jihad Hamad, are believed to have placed suitcases holding homemade bombs on the trains as they passed through Cologne station on July 31.

The devices failed to detonate, averting an almost certain bloodbath in what German officials said was a bid to copy the train blasts in Madrid and London.

The Karlsruhe court on Thursday ordered that Hajdib, who is being held in Berlin, remain in preventive custody.

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