Hillary Clinton Boards Private Jet Hours After Global-Warming Push
The Daily MailJul 28

Prince Charles Gives World Reprieve: Extends ‘100-Month’ Climate ‘Tipping Point’ to 35 More Years
Climate DepotJul 28

Arctic Ice EMBIGGENS, Returns to 1980s Levels of Cap Cover
The RegisterJul 22

Arctic Ice 'Grew By A Third' After Cool Summer In 2013
BBC NewsJul 21

Should We Fear the Era of Driverless Cars?
The FreemanJul 14
Driving kills more than 30,000 Americans every year. Wrecks cause billions of dollars in damages. The average commuter spends nearly 40 hours a year stuck in traffic and almost five years just driving in general.

But there is light at the end of the traffic
... (more)

Manhattan DA: iPhone Crypto Locked Out Cops 74 Times
WiredJul 10

US Latest F-35 Stealth Jet Is Beaten In Dogfight By F-16 From 1970s
The Daily MailJul 06

Germany: YouTube Doesn't Have To Police Piracy Proactively, Court Rules
TorrentFreakJul 02

Researcher who spiked rabbit blood to fake HIV vaccine results slapped with rare prison sentence
Washington PostJul 02

Bad News: Supreme Court Refuses to Review Oracle v. Google API Copyright Decision
EFF.orgJun 30
Sadly, today the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review the Federal Circuit's dangerous decision in Oracle v. Google. Oracle claims a copyright on the Java Application Programming Interface (API), and that Google infringed that copyright by using certain Java APIs in the Android OS.... (more)

Lexus Says They've Invented World's First Hoverboard
InformationLiberationJun 26

While governments are inventing new ways to kill people, Lexus claims they've invented the world's first real hoverboard.

"The Lexus Hoverboard uses magnetic levitation to achieve amazing frictionless movement. Liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets combine to a
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Should Your Self-Driving Car Be Programmed To Kill You If It Means Saving A Dozen Other Lives?
TechdirtJun 17

The Ingenious Plan for the Ocean to Clean Itself Is Led By a 20-Year-Old
GizmodoJun 10

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Fredrik Neij Released From Prison
TorrentFreakJun 02

Gay Marriage Study Retracted After Allegations of Fake Data
PoliticoMay 26

Pirate Bay Loses New Domain Name, Hydra Lives On
TorrentFreakMay 22

Liberals pressure AP to call climate change skeptics 'deniers,' bar word in stylebook
Washington ExaminerMay 14

The Migration of Guns from Physical to Digital
Jeffrey TuckerMay 13
Suing the government is always risky. It's mostly unsuccessful. But the inventor of the first 3-D-printed gun ("The Liberator") is forging ahead anyway. He has filed suit against the US Department of State for forcing him to take down his digital files from the Internet.

The New York Times quoted several constitutional attorneys who believe that Wilson case
... (more)

You Can't Defend Public Libraries and Oppose File-Sharing
TorrentFreakMay 11

3-D Printed Gun Lawsuit Starts the War Between Arms Control and Free Speech
WiredMay 07

Global warming ‘pause’ expands to ‘new record length': No warming for 18 years 5 months
Climate DepotMay 06

The Rise & Fall Of Silk Road
WiredMay 04

KickassTorrents .IM Domain Seized Within 24 Hours, Next Stop .CR
TorrentFreakApr 24

The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can
Engineer GuyApr 15

Bill details the engineering choices underlying the design of a beverage can. He explains why it is cylindrical, outlines the manufacturing steps needed to created the can, notes why the can narrows near it lid, show close ups of the double-seam that hold the lid on, and details the complex operation of the tab that opens the can.

Florida Judge: IP-Address Doesn't Identify a Movie Pirate
TorrentFreakApr 12
The filmmakers behind the action movie "Manny" have filed hundreds of lawsuits against BitTorrent pirates this year, but not all have been successful. In a prominent ruling Florida District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro refused to issue a subpoena, arguing that IP-address evidence is not enough to show who has downloaded a pirated movie.

While relatively underreported, many U.S. district courts are still swamped with lawsuits against alleged film pirates.

One of the ne
... (more)

BMW Working to Develop Crash-Proof Car, Sensors Used to Avoid Accidents
InformationLiberationApr 07

While the government is busy trying to find new ways to kill people, the market actors at BMW are working to create a "crash-proof" car which uses advanced sensors to avoid collisions. They say you can gun your car into a wall and it'll stop itself on a d
... (more)

Security Audit Of TrueCrypt Doesn't Find Any Backdoors -- But What Will Happen To TrueCrypt?
TechdirtApr 04
Over the past few years we've followed the saga of TrueCrypt. The popular and widely used full disk encryption system got some attention soon after the initial Snowden leaks when people started realizing that no one really knew who was behind TrueCrypt, and that the software had not been fully audited. Cryptographer Matthew Green decided to ... (more)

Global Warming Consensus Claim Does Not Stand Up
Richard TolMar 31

Nintendo Nukes Fan-Made Super Mario 64 HD Browser Game
TorrentFreakMar 31

Autistic Child Improves On Antibiotics; Father Seeks Research Into Brain-Gut Bacteria
Standard DailyMar 25
How similar to what the "discredited" Andrew Wakefield said.

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