Phone patents: An absurd battle
BBC NewsNov 19

"Higgs" boson may not open door to exotic realms
ReutersNov 19

Oakland Police Chief Only Wants to Read Complimentary Email
PoliceMisconduct.netNov 05
From the San Francisco Chronicle:
People who’ve e-mailed Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan over the past year about Occupy Oakland probably didn’t get much of a response.

That’s because he used a spam fi
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New Megaupload To Launch On Police Raid Anniversary
TorrentFreakOct 29
January this year the U.S. Government destroyed Megaupload, but founder Kim Dotcom is a not done with the file-hosting business yet and is preparing a comeback with something bigger and better. Over the past months a group of coders have been working hard on the new “Mega” venture and Dotcom announced today that the raid-proof service will launch exactly one year after Megaupload was shut down.

With 50 million visitors per day at its peak, Megaupload was one of the largest websit
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Cisco's CEO Rips Into The Patent System & All Who Abuse It, Big Or Small
TechdirtOct 29
There are plenty of discussions about the problem of patent trolls, but if you think that's the only problem with the patent system, you haven't been paying attention. There have been a ton of major clashes going on between big companies, spending billions buying up patents, suing each other... and not putting that money into innovation or lower prices. So it's nice to see Cisco CEO John Chambers speak out against the patent system by calling out both the trolls and the big tech compani... (more)

New MegaUpload Will Deflect Copyright Liability and Become Raid-Proof
TorrentFreakOct 22

Pirate Bay Moves to The Cloud, Becomes Raid-Proof
TorrentFreakOct 18

File-Sharers Buy 30% More Music Than Non-P2P Peers
TorrentFreakOct 16

3D Printer DRM Patent To Stop People Downloading a Car
TorrentFreakOct 15

Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released... and here is the chart to prove it
The Daily MailOct 15

Finally: BitTorrent Piracy Evidence to be Tested in Court
TorrentFreakOct 09
A landmark order by a Pennsylvania District Court judge may become the turning point for the many mass-BitTorrent lawsuits that are sweeping through the United States. For the first time in these cases a copyright holder has been ordered to go to trial, instead of settling with the alleged file-sharers for a few thousand dollars. This will be the first time that BitTorrent-related evidence will be tested in a U.S. court.

Over the past two years a small group of copyright holders h
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Can We Kill The Myth That The Constitution Guarantees Copyrights And Patents?
TechdirtOct 02
We've seen it all too frequently: copyright and patent system supporters insisting that these forms of government-granted monopoly privileges are guaranteed by the Constitution, due to Article I, Section 8, Clause 8. People like to claim that, for example, the First Amendment can't conflict with copyright law since "both are rights provided by t... (more)

Understanding Libertarian Morality: The Psychological Dispositions of Self-Identified Libertarians
PLOSone.orgOct 02

3-D printed gun project derailed by legal woes
NBCNews.comOct 02

GoDaddy Receives Patent On 'Announcing A Domain Name Registration On A Social Website'
TechdirtSep 29
Another day, another crazy patent. DomainNameWire has the story that GoDaddy has successfully received a patent on "Announcing a domain name registration on a social website." The patent, 8,276,057, was filed back in September of 2009. Take a look at the claims for yourself to understand exactly what's being claimed, but reading through them, I'm a... (more)

Portugal: File Sharing For Personal Use Is Legal And IP Addresses Are Not People
TechdirtSep 28
In a move that should remind you of Spain's ruling that personal file-sharing was legal, before America's entertainment industry helpfully wrote the Spanish people a new law (wait...what!!?!?), file-sharing for personal use has been declared legal in Portugal. Ho... (more)

Hitachi unveils glass slivers that store data forever
Channel NewsAsiaSep 25

Megaupload Readies for Comeback, Code 90% Done
TorrentFreakSep 24

Antarctic Ice Area Sets Another Record -- NSIDC Is Silent
Real ScienceSep 18

No Duty to Secure Wi-Fi from BitTorrent Pirates, Judge Rules
TorrentFreakSep 13
A crucial ruling in one of the ongoing BitTorrent lawsuits in the United States has delivered a clear win for open Wi-Fi operators. Among other things, California Judge Phyllis Hamilton ruled that Internet subscribers are not required to secure their wireless networks to prevent outsiders from pirating movies. In other words, people can’t be held liable for the alleged infringements of other people on their network.

BitTorrent lawsuits have been dragging on for more than two yea
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New Megaupload Will Be Massive Global Network To Change The World
TorrentFreakAug 28

As Another Fisker Karma Spontaneously Combusts, "Green" Dreams Go Up In Smoke
ZeroHedgeAug 13

No Traffic Lights Vs Traffic Lights
YouTubeAug 11

Anarchy vs Statism.

"On Monday 25th January 2010 there was a power cut in Auckland.

During the power cut we filmed this intersection (Union St + Wellington). We filmed again at exactly the same time the next day for a comparison. "

AZ SWAT Team Kills Man in Drug Raid Shoot-Out
StoptheDrugWar.orgAug 06
A Phoenix-area SWAT team shot and killed one man during a "dynamic entry" (break the door down) drug raid early Thursday morning after the raiders were met with gunfire. The as yet unidentified man becomes the 39th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year, and the third one in the past week.

Police told ABC 15 News the raid in a Phoenix neighborhood was undertaken by
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3D Printing: The End of Gun Control?
ForbesJul 30

$7,000 Fine for Sharing “WordPress For Dummies” on BitTorrent
TorrentFreakJul 03

Massive Copyright Infringement Suit Could Collapse Cyberlocker, Studio Warns
TorrentFreakJul 03

Man Eats Uranium, Drinks and Swims In Reactor Water, Ignites Plutonium In His Bare Hand
Libertarian NewsJun 29

Apparently radioactive material isn’t as dangerous as the EPA has made it out to be.

From the video notes:
Galen Winsor is a nuclear physicist of renown who worked at, and helped design, nuclear power plants in Hanford, WA; Oak Ridge, TN; Morris, IL, San Jose, CA; Wimington, NJ. Among his positions of expertise he was in charge of ... (more)

How Long Does Your ISP Store IP-Address Logs?
TorrentFreakJun 29

Kim Dotcom: Artists Rejoice, Megabox is Not Dead
TorrentFreakJun 22

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