'To Remind the Police of Their Violent Actions ... Demonstrators Lined Up With Mirrors to Show Cops Their Reflections' [Pic]
Kyiv PostJan 06

From the Kyiv Post:
At noon on Dec. 30, protesters in central Kyiv held mirrors in front of police for 30 minutes to commemorate the night of Nov. 30 when riot police used excessive force to breakup a peaceful rally on Independence Square consisting mostly of university students.

In a gesture to remind
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'Seasteads' offer libertarians the vision of floating cities for the future
The IndependentDec 29

Citizens take law into own hands after cash-strapped Ore. county guts sheriff's office
Fox NewsDec 27

Glenn Greenwald "We're On MSNBC Now Where Close To 24 Hours A Day Obama's Agenda Is Promoted!"
YouTubeDec 27

Video Shows Passenger Fight Back Against Armed Robber On Seattle Bus
InformationLiberationDec 19

19-year-old Trevonnte Brown brought a gun onto a Seattle bus and went passenger by passenger robbing people of their smart phones -- that is until he came across one man who boldly fought back. The passenger is seen grabbing his hand with the gun in it, then he puts his phone in his pocket and swings at the assailant, with the help of other passengers they manage to take him down and disarm him
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The Final American Revolution - Adam Kokesh Debates Stefan Molyneux
YouTubeDec 18
Adam Kokesh and Stefan Molyneux debate the best way to advance the cause of freedom, increase human liberty and end the tyranny of the state. Political Action, Civil Disobedience, Peaceful Parenting or something else: What is the best method?
Kokesh talks about being railroaded by the injustice system.

Stefan Molyneux Interviewed on Alex Jones
YouTubeDec 16

Jeff Berwick Interviews Luke Rudkowski on Anarchast
YouTubeDec 12
On this, the 100th episode of Anarchast, Jeff Berwick interviews legendary truth activist Luke Rudowski of We Are Change. Luke has earned himself millions of views on the Internet by confronting powerful figures such as Dick Cheney, Ben Bernanke and even the
Rothschilds face-to-face. Luke doesn't like labels, but he was brought into the liberty movement by the events of 9/11. Having been an instr
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Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald: The Men Who Leaked the NSA's Secrets
Rolling StoneDec 12

Radley Balko will join Washington Post
Poynter.orgDec 05
Wow, congrats, I wonder if this has anything to do with Jeff Bezos' buyout?

You Can't Take My Freedom! Comedian Ari Shaffir
YouTubeDec 02
Infowars talks with Shaffir about the meaning of individual liberty.

More Evidence Citizens Themselves Can Do A Better Job Policing Their Neighborhoods Than The Cops!
YouTubeNov 12

Man Refuses to Answer Questions at CA Checkpoint, Drives Away
InformationLiberationNov 06
Video cameras to law enforcers are like lights to vampires.

From Gavin Seim on YouTube:
On a road trip and not willing to be stopped and question on our highways. We finally just drove away. We were not chased down or arrested. Thanks to my wonderful wife Sondra for her support and for boldly filming.

... (more)

Why Pierre Omidyar decided to join forces with Glenn Greenwald for a new venture in news
PressthinkOct 23

Silicon Valley’s Secessionist Movement Is Growing
Daily IntelligencerOct 23

Aaron Swartz's legacy lives on: SecureDrop is a WikiLeaks for any journalist
The VergeOct 16

Dozens play chess in public to defy SF crackdown
Associated PressOct 08

Hounded By Hollywood, Disbarred "Pirate Site" Lawyer Preps NSA-Proof Email
TorrentFreakOct 03

Jesse Ventura, Howard Stern Set For 2016 Presidential Run
Prison PlanetSep 30

California county joins bid for secession
ReddingSep 24

Stefan Molyneux On The Alex Jones Show
YouTubeSep 11
Alex welcomes the founder and host of Freedomain Radio, Stefan Molyneux, to discuss the global awakening to tyranny rapidly taking place in large thanks to independent and alternative media sources.

Alex Jones Fox News Geraldo At Large Syria Interview
YouTubeSep 09

The Rise of Counter Surveillance Fashion
YouTubeSep 06
The market works in wondrous ways!

Emotional Woman Confronts John McCain on Syria at Town Hall
YouTubeSep 06

NorCal County Votes to Secede, Create New State "Jefferson"
Activist PostSep 04

9/11 Truth Billboard in Time Square... [Pic]
WeAreChangeSep 04

Check out their site, Rethink911.org

Galt's Gulch Chile -- Where the World Is Coming To
The Dollar VigilanteSep 04

Meet The Dread Pirate Roberts, The Man Behind Booming Black Market Drug Website Silk Road
ForbesAug 15

Glenn Greenwald "Snowden Had To Go To Russia Is Because The US Is Filled With Jeffrey Toobins"
YouTubeAug 01
July 31, 2013 CNN

Glenn Greenwald Schools Government Prestitutes AGAIN!
YouTubeAug 01
July 30, 2013 CNN

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