Cuba's Anarcho-Capitalist Club Plants the Seed, Defies State Oppression
Panama PostAug 25

New leaker disclosing US secrets, government concludes
CNN.comAug 05

The FAIR Act: New bill aims to reign in policing for profit
Police State USAJul 30

Snowden: 'If I End Up In Chains In Guantanamo I Can Live With That'
RTJul 18
“If I end up in chains in Guantanamo I can live with that,” Edward Snowden, the former intelligence contractor-turned-privacy advocate, told the Guardian newspaper during a recent interview released in part by the paper on Thursday.

Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger and reporter Ewen MacAskill spent seven hours conducting an interview in Moscow earlier this month with Snowden, a former analyst for the United States National Security Agency now wanted in the US for espionage
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Man Who Shot At Cops Acquitted
San Antonio Express-NewsJul 10

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz
Brian KnappenbergerJul 02

The Internet's Own Boy depicts the life of American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet activist Aaron Swartz. It features interviews with his family and friends as well as the internet luminaries who worked with him. The film tells his story up to his even
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Georgia Deputy Surprises Us All By Respecting Constitution

It started off with a federal protective service officer pulling up to Jeff Gray in a patrol car for taking pictures from a public sidewalk outside the Moody Air Force Base in Georgia Monday.

Gray told the officer that he was photographing the railroad. But the cop had his doubts and accused him of photographing the entrance to the base -- as if it would make any difference within
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Bill Maher & Iraq Vet Accuse Glenn Greenwald Of Helpin' The Terrorists
InformationLiberationJun 23

[Note: The copyright fascists at HBO appear to have gotten the video taken down and even got the YouTube uploader's channel closed, here's the same video from another source.]

Liberal sweetheart Bill Maher says he's scared of terrorists behind every bush and while he thinks what Snowden did was impor
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Activists Are Planting Weed in Public All Over the UK
VICE United KingdomJun 17

Most Americans Think Snowden Did the Right Thing, Poll Says
NewsweekJun 04

Court upholds "First Amendment"¯ right to film police
Ars TechnicaMay 29

Lynne and Dick Cheney Confronted on Torture Program
YouTubeMay 20

In this video Cassandra Rules questions Lynne and Dick Cheney at a recent rare public event in Los Angeles California. Cassandra asked why whistleblowers like John Kiriakou are in jail for exposing illegal activity while Dick Cheney the person who committed the illegal acts is still free. As you can see in the video Dick Cheney sat silent as his wife Lynne did all the talking. She also mentions
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Glenn Greenwald "Of All The People I Know The One That Is Most At Peace & Happiest Is Edward Snowden"
YouTubeMay 18

One of the best new interviews with Glenn Greenwald discussing his new book No Place to Hide.

Thug Sucker-Punches Convenience Store Owner, Proceeds To Get His A** Beat
InformationLiberationMay 02

A nice dose of instant justice.

From Youtube:
The Adventures of
Convenience Store Man

Vol. 1 No. 1

Almost five years ago I met the new owner of the conven
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Armed good Samaritan comes to the aid of purse-snatching victim
KHOUMay 01
HOUSTON — A mother out with her two children to go shopping became the victim of would-be purse snatchers, but a good Samaritan armed with a gun came to the rescue.

“It happened so fast,” said Brenda Vasquez, who manages the Family Dollar store in the 3400 block of Orlando Avenue in northeast Houston.
She witnessed the assault.

“This lady opens her car door, grabs the woman’s purse and they reverse. While they’re trying to reverse, the lady is holding on to h
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'I did drugs and Sweden should get real': Pirate Party founder
The LocalApr 30

Jason Bullock Defends Bundy From White House "Racist" Talking Points
YouTubeApr 28

R.I.P. Michael C. Ruppert, Feb. 3 1951- April 13 2014
Daily PaulApr 15

Feds Back Down In New Bundy Standoff, Agree to Release Cattle
InfowarsApr 12
In an epic standoff that Infowars reporter David Knight described as being like “something out of a movie,” supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy advanced on a position held by BLM agents despite threats that they would be shot at, eventually forcing BLM feds to release 100 cattle that had been stolen from Bundy as part of a land grab dispute that threatened to escalate into a Waco-style confrontation.

South Dakota Enacts Most Sweeping Photo Ticket Ban In US
TheNewspaperApr 01
Sixteen states ban the use of red light cameras and speed cameras by statute or state court rulings (view list), but none of these prohibitions are anywhere near as sweeping as a pair of bills signed into law last week by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard (R). Not only are South Dakotans protected from red light camera tickets within state borders, as of July 1 they will be immune to automated citations issued in most other states.... (more)

Real Life James Bond Cop Blocking Car
WeAreChangeApr 01

In this video WeAreChange gets an exclusive look into the vehicle of Rick Rynearson from Veterans Against Police Abuse. WeAreChange learns about about Rick's techniques to ward off corrupt law enforcement officials. Rick's entire vehicle covered with cameras + emergency smoke screen = One Ultimate Cop Blocking Car.

Abby Martin To Piers Morgan: MSM Filled With Corporate Shills Who Continuously "War Monger & Fear Monger!"
YouTubeMar 06

Illegal Midtown Poker Ring Vows to Continue After NYPD Raid
DNAinfo.comMar 05

The New USA? Secession Movement Gains Steam
CBN NewsMar 05

Ridicule As A Weapon Against Tyrants
Will GriggFeb 11
The one thing tyrants can’t stand is ridicule. They thrive on flattery, they pretend to indulge principled criticism, they feel a sense of perverse satisfaction when made the targets of hatred – but they are infuriated by displays of defiant wit that puncture their pretensions of omnipotence.

The Gibson Guitar company has created a special line of Les Paul guitars
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Snowden Used Cheap, 'Web Crawler' Software to Collect NSA Files
Common DreamsFeb 10
Whistleblower Edward Snowden who alerted the world to America’s out of control National Security Agency reportedly used cheap and widely available software to scoop up thousands of files on the NSA’s online activities.

The New York Times Sunday quoted a senior US intelligence officials as saying: “We do not believe this was an individual sitting at a machine and download
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Lawyer Creates DUI Search 'Refusal Sign' To Place In Car For Floridians
YouTubeFeb 07
From HonorYourOath:

!!! WARNING !!!
Use this sign at your own risk.
Results may very.
Asserting your rights in the presence of law enforcement is extremely DANGEROUS. By asserting your rights in the presence of law enforcement you are putting your property, liberty, and life in great peril.

... (more)

Aggressive Drunk Attacks Cashier With Knife, Gets Taken Down By Brave Customers
YouTubeFeb 06
"Happened yesterday in Estonia. Angry customer pulls a knife after being unable to buy a bottle of beer due to insufficent funds on bank account. Shop manager says thanks and promises to award brave bystanders who took down the attacker."

911 'Truther' Matt Mills On Crashing The Super Bowl
YouTubeFeb 05

9/11 truther: How I sneaked into Super Bowl XLVIII -- and hijacked the postgame show
NJ.comFeb 04

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