Despite 20 Point Loss, Clinton Likely to Leave NH With Same Number of Delegates as Sanders
The HillFeb 10

Report: Hillary Clinton Was "Glowing" About Goldman Sachs During Paid Speech
InformationLiberationFeb 09
While Hillary Clinton is refusing to release the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs and others for which she and her husband were handed millions of dollars, Politico went and found some attendants to two of her Goldman speeches and asked them what they recalled.

Politico reports:
When Hillary Clinton spoke to Goldman Sachs executives and technology titans at a summit in Ariz... (more)

Trump & Sanders Win NH Primary...
Hillary Loses Every Demographic Group Except 65+...
Trump Wins Every Demographic Group, No Exceptions...

Politico On Chelsea: Why Is The Press Treating a Wealthy, 35-Yr-Old Political Operative Like She's Still a White House Kid?
PoliticoFeb 08

Trump is Right: GOP Debate Audience is Packed Full of Republican Donors
InformationLiberationFeb 06
If you ever wondered why the man leading overwhelmingly in the polls gets booed to hell at these republican debates and gets minimal applause and frequent consternation from the audiences, Trump has given us the answer: the audiences are packed full of top republican donors.

Trump in a "drop the mic" type moment pointed this out after members of the audience booed him for supporting eminent domain, "That's all of his donors and special interests out there," Trump said, who note
... (more)

The Iowa Democratic Party Chair Refusing To Review Caucus Results Is A HUGE Hillary Supporter
Daily CallerFeb 05

Hillary Clinton Suggests She Can't Be Part Of The Establishment Because She Is A Woman
Free BeaconFeb 04

Hillary Clinton suggested at Thursday’s New Hampshire Democratic debate that Bernie Sanders’ charge that she is a member of the establishment didn’t hold water because she could be the first woman president.

“Senator Sanders is the only person who I think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, as exemplifying the
... (more)

Voicemails: 'Carson Suspending Campaign'; Cruz: 'Accurate'
BreitbartFeb 04

Countries Sign The TPP... Whatever Happened to The 'Debate' We Were Promised Before Signing?
TechdirtFeb 04

Busted: Cruz's Campaign Chair Quits Washington House After Friends Reveal He Lied About Military Service
Raw StoryFeb 03
A Republican lawmaker has resigned from the Washington state legislature and quit his role as Sen. Ted Cruz's campaign chair over accusations that he exaggerated his military service record.

State Rep. Graham Hunt (R-Orting) stepped down Tuesday due to media coverage of what he described as "inconsistencies in the records of my military service," reported The Seattle Times.

Hunt resigned, effective immediately, after meeting with other lawmakers to address repor
... (more)

Hillary Clinton Will Never Be Prosecuted For Email Scandal
InfowarsFeb 03
Former Inspector General Howard J. Krongard told the New York Post Hillary Clinton will never be prosecuted for storing classified and top secret documents on her private email server.

Clinton, who won the Iowa caucus earlier this week by coin toss, is protected by "four loyal Democrat women," including Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Assistant Attorney General Leslie Ca
... (more)

Claim Dylann Roof Was Angry Because 'Girl He Liked Dated Black Man' Was Made Up Fraud From Scam-Artist 'Intercept' Reporter
InformationLiberationFeb 02
Via Breitbart:
The Intercept, an online left-wing news outlet founded by eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar and edited by, among others, Glenn Greenwald, has announced the firing of reporter Juan Thompson (pictured) for a series of known fabrications reminiscent of Stephen Glass, The New Republic reporter fired in 1998 for serial fabrications. Accordi... (more)

Clinton's Lucky Quarter: Democratic Frontrunner Wins 6 Coin Tosses in Narrow Iowa Caucus Victory
RTFeb 02
The gods were certainly smiling on Hilary Clinton as the Democrat presidential candidate won SIX coin tosses to help her edge past rival Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Caucus and take first blood in the party's nomination race.
... (more)

Is This How Rubio Got 23%?
InformationLiberationFeb 02
Via Breitbart:
Microsoft Corp. will be providing the technology to count the votes of Iowa caucus-goers, according to a new report. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)'s campaign is raising concerns about the corporation's potential conflict of interest in tallying the votes.

As The Hill reports:
Microsoft volunteered ... (more)

Jeb Spent Over $12,000 Per Vote
InformationLiberationFeb 02
Jeb Bush got 5,235 votes and spent $64.8 million, meaning he spent around $12,378 per vote. Before the final tally came in Nate Silver predicted the numbers would come to $25,000 per vote as Jeb was only projected to get around 2,600 votes. I guess 'The Microsoft Effect' delivered him a slight bump.

VIDEO: Hillary Claims She Is "Not in The Pocket of Anyone" After Receiving $6 Million From Soros Last Month
InfowarsFeb 01
Hillary Clinton again addressed criticism that she is being bought by special interests by denying she is "in the pocket" of anyone, despite receiving a massive contribution of $6 million from Billionaire leftist George Soros.
... (more)

The Guardian Bans Readers From Commenting On Their Articles About 'Race, Immigration And Islam'
InformationLiberationJan 31
The Guardian is closing almost all comment threads on articles they publish related to race, immigration, and Islam because they're not able to adequately control the debate to fit their their bullsh*t leftist narrative.

Via The Guardian:
We are living in an age of rage. People are angry with government, with media, with religion, with migrat... (more)

Swastika Painted on Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star...
InformationLiberationJan 31
Someone scribbled a sh*tty looking swastika on Trump's star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
... (more)

George Soros Donates $8 Million to Boost Hillary
PoliticoJan 31

Clinton Strategist Claims Bernie Sanders is Running The 'Most Negative' Democratic Primary Campaign Ever
Free BeaconJan 29

Hillary Clinton campaign strategist Joel Benenson made an eyebrow-raising claim Friday on CNN, accusing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) of running the most negative Democratic primary campaign in history.

Sanders has aired ads attacking Wall Street and big banks without naming Clinton, who has received huge speaking fees from Goldman Sachs, but he
... (more)

“Black Americans for a Better Future” Super PAC 100% Funded by Rich White Guys
The InterceptJan 29

Rubio Camp Calls Breitbart Conspiracy Theorists For Pointing Out Fox Debate Chief's Daughter Works For Rubio
BreitbartJan 28
Via Breitbart:

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for 2016 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, exposed a blatant conflict of interest on Wednesday that the Fox News Channel has been hiding for months. Lewandowski showed how Fox News has been hiding the fact that Fox News Channel Vice Pr
... (more)

Students Nation-Wide to Attend Four-Day, University Funded White Privilege Bash
Campus ReformJan 28

Top Bilderberger: "Global Super Elite" Must Stop Donald Trump
InfowarsJan 27
Regular Bilderberg attendee and associate editor of the Financial Times Martin Wolf insists that the "global super elite" must stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

According to a New Republic profile, Wolf is "staggeringly well-connected within the elite circles he is writing for" and counts amongst his close friends many influential central bankers.

In an editorial entitled The economic los
... (more)

Jury Delivers Guilty Verdict in Redflex Bribery Trial
TheNewspaperJan 27
A jury on Tuesday found John Bills guilty of taking bribes from Redflex Traffic Systems. The former deputy head of the Chicago, Illinois transportation department abused his position to fill his pockets with cash from the Australian firm in return for his help in expanding the Windy City's red light camera program into the largest of its kind. The federal jury unanimously found Bills guilty on all counts.

Bills refused to plead guilty and turn states evidence, as bagman Martin O'M
... (more)

Hillary Clinton Likes Spouting Cliches | Supercuts! #279
Washington Free BeaconJan 27

Hillary Clinton spouts a lot of insufferable platitudes on the campaign trail.

Hillary Clinton Says Special Interest Groups Paid Her Millions For Speeches Because They Were 'Interested' In What She 'Thought About The World'
InformationLiberationJan 25

Hillary Clinton says foreign governments and special interest groups pay her so much for her speeches because they're "interested" in what she thinks "about the world."

Via the Free Beacon:
Hillary Clinton denied that groups who pay her six-figure speaking fees expected political favor in return during an interview Sunday ... (more)

National Review Aims to Take Down Trump
PoliticoJan 22

Watch: Megyn Kelly Convenes 'Conservatives Against Trump'
BreitbartJan 22
I can think of no finer endorsement! - Chris

Arizona Representatives Backtrack On Support of Photo Radar Expansion Bill
TheNewspaperJan 22

Former Pearson Exec Reveals Anti-American Agenda in Common Core
BreitbartJan 21

A former marketing executive for textbook publishing giant Pearson Education reveals the anti-American agenda behind Common Core and the Advanced Placement U.S. History framework in the third video of a series produced by Project
... (more)

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