Pro-British Group BANNED From PROTESTING Outside UK Mosques After BEING ATTACKED by Muslims
InformationLiberationApr 14
It's official: two prominent members of Britain First have been banned from protesting outside any Mosques in the United Kingdom for the supposed "crime" of inciting Muslims to attack them.

Meanwhile, the Muslim extremists filmed violently jump kicking and attacking native Brits for having the audacity to silently protest outside their Mosque have not been arrested and are free to continue their Islamist takeover of wh
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Local TV News Anchor Exposes Elite CEOs' Plan to Flood City Of Fargo With Migrants
InformationLiberationApr 14
Local TV news anchor Chris Berg exposed how George Soros and other wealthy CEOs are pushing to flood the city of Fargo, North Dakota with migrants, despite the public being overwhelmingly against such a plan.

The so-called "Partnership for a New American Economy" is a pro-open borders group run by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch, and other traitorous elites seeking to overrun America with mass immigration from the third world.
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Putin Calls Obama 'Decent Man' For Confessing Libya Was His 'Greatest Mistake'
RTApr 14
Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the US against repeating the mistake it made in Libya in Syria, noting that Barack Obama's confession about Libya being his "greatest mistake" shows the US President is a "decent person."

“Firstly, it confirms once again that the current US president is a decent man - and I say this without irony, because it’s not easy to say such things,” President Putin said during his annual Q&A session.

He recalled that Barack Obam
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'Aggressive Simulated Attack': Pentagon Decries Russian Jets Zooming Over USS Donald Cook
RTApr 14
The aerobatics skills of Russian pilots over the US destroyer Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea left the Pentagon and other US official running for cover in Washington over "aggressive close interactions" with Russian fighter jets.

Releasing the footage of Russian jet flybys in the vicinity of the destroyer, the US Navy said that its vessel has encountered multiple “aggressive flight maneuvers ...within close proximity of the ship,” some as close as 30 feet (10 meters) on Monday and T
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German Solution to Rapefugee Crisis: Ban Display Ads With 'Sexy' Women
InformationLiberationApr 13
The German government has finally come up with a plan to address the rapefugee crisis: ban all display advertisements featuring "sexy" women.

From Breitbart:
Germany’s Social Democratic-left justice minister is using the migrant crisis as a pretext to ban the display of the human form in public, blaming sexua... (more)

French Prime Minister Admits "Islamophobes" Are Not Marginal, But The Majority
Diversity Macht FreiApr 13
In an interview with the leftist French newspaper Libération, French Prime Minister Manual Valls admitted that the people who doubted Islam's compatibility with democracy were not marginal extremists, but in fact the majority. We should never forget that the true "tiny minority of extremists" are the ones who run our government, newspapers, academia. They monopolise the public sphere and ruthlessly repress any voice that seeks to represent majority sentiment. By controlling the public conversati... (more)

Ireland's Bono: 'The American Taxpayer Is Really Hurting' -- But Can Still Help Pay For Europe's Refugee Crisis
BreitbartApr 13

Only 34% of 'Refugees' Can Support Themselves After 15 Years, But 'They'll Pay For Our Pensions'
InformationLiberationApr 12
People in the West "are not breeding enough," therefor we need to import endless immigrants from the Third World "to help pay for our older peoples' pensions," this is the leftist line were attacked with incessantly.

Tell me exactly, when these immigrants can't support themselves after 15 years despite collecting massive amounts of welfare, how are they going to support our aging populations?

From The Daily Caller:
A new report by the Sw... (more)

US Government STILL Supplying Arms to Syrian "Rebels" Despite Cease Fire
The New ObserverApr 12
The US government is still supplying Syrian "rebels" with millions of dollars of weapons even though that government supposedly brokered a cease fire in February.

The latest shipment of arms--supposed to be secret--was revealed in a new article in the famous Jane's Defence Weekly, and showed that the Central Intelligence Agency is still delivering thousands of tons of weapons to "rebels" linked to ISIS.

One ship with nearly one thousand tons of weapons and ammunitio
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Major Newspaper Censors Politically Incorrect Story About Muslim Chain Attack
InfowarsApr 12
A major newspaper in Canada has removed a story about two refugee children who choked a girl with a chain while shouting "Muslims rule the world" in a shocking example of politically correct-driven censorship.

The original article published by the Chronicle Herald described how a grade three girl at Chebucto Heights Elementary School was ch
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Mexico Tortures Migrants - and Citizens - in Effort to Slow Central American Surge
The GuardianApr 12

VIDEO: Enraged Muslim Jump Kicks Man In The Back For Protesting Outside London Mosque
InformationLiberationApr 11
A British man taking part in a peaceful silent protest outside of a Mosque in East London was jump kicked in the back by an enraged Muslim as he was walking away and leaving the event.

Other members of the protest group Britain First were also physically assaulted and reportedly had "expensive camera equipment" stolen.

Rather than protect the group's right to protest, London police ordered them to leave the premises as peaceful protest is "inciting" to Muslims.
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Professor: Civil War "Most Likely" Outcome of Migrant Crisis
InfowarsApr 11
A prominent Danish professor warns that western civilization is “threatened” by the influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa and that a “civil war” is the most likely outcome.

Writing in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Professor Helmuth Nyborg, who is an expert in the connection between hormones and intelligence, discussed his previous research on how, “The effect of Europ
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'Animal Rights' Activists '#HalalChallenge' Urges Germans to Put Pork in Halal Sections of Grocers
RTApr 11
Campaigners on social media are encouraging Germans to place pork in the Halal sections of supermarkets, citing the unethical killing of animals. But although the activists say the campaign is about animal rights, others say it's an attack on Muslims.

The campaign, which is spreading on social media under the hashtag #HalalChallenge, challenges people to “put pork on the #halalcounter and film it...then post the video to your Facebook timeline, or Instagram, or on YouTube or w
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'Secret Plan' to Fly in 250,000 Migrants a Year, Every Year, From Turkey
BreitbartApr 11

Migrants Attempting to Dismantle Fence At Greek Idomeni Camp Get Teargassed
RTApr 11
At least 260 migrants have reportedly been injured in clashes at the Greece-Macedonia border, according to medical reports. Police deployed tear gas against asylum seekers as they attempted to cross the border.

Dozens of people were injured in incidents in Greece on the border with Macedonia on Sunday, AFP reported, citing Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders). The humanitarian aid organization said it had sent additional teams to help migrants at the Idomeni refu
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Greek Politician Explodes On Open Borders Leftists: 'We Fought For 400 Yrs So The Islamists Would Leave!'
InformationLiberationApr 09
Far-right Greek politician Ilias Kasidiaris gave an impassioned speech in Parliament last month where he exploded on the ruling left-wing parties and called them "traitors" for "selling-out" Greece's national sovereignty and attempting to turn Greece "into an Islamic country."

"We fought for four hundred years, rivers of blood were spilled so the Islamists leave," he said.

"So the Muslims leave, so the crescent leaves from Greece, so these hateful symbols and this
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Buchanan: 'Third World Invading First World,' If 12M Are in Country Illegally, 'You've Got An Invasion'
BreitbartApr 09
Columnist Pat Buchanan stated, "the Third World is invading the First World, part it coming through Mexico, up through Mexico into the United States" and "If you had 12 million who have walked into your country illegally and stay, or overstay their visas, you've got an invasion" on Friday's "McLaughlin Group."

Buchanan said, "I think Tom's term, existential crisis, is exactly right. What is happening is, the Third World is invading the First World, part it coming through Mexico, u
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Scottish Politician Charged With Hate Crime For Criticizing Islam
InformationLiberationApr 08
A Scottish politician has been charged with a hate crime for criticizing Muslims in a series of "Islamaphobic" text messages sent after the terror attacks in Paris.

Scottish National Party Councillor Craig Melville allegedly messaged an "unnamed female Muslim activist" within his party and told her, "It's not personal I just f*cking hate your religion and I'll do all in I'm life
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Brussels Terror Plotter Is a Syrian "Refugee"
InfowarsApr 08
The individual who authorities suspect could be the infamous "man in the hat" seen walking alongside the Brussels Airport suicide bombers is a Syrian "refugee" who arrived in Greece last September.

According to a report in France's Le Monde newspaper, the "man in the hat" could be Naim al-Hamed, who was born in Syria in 1988 and arrived in Europe amongst the wave of refugees who entered via Greece last year.

Al-Hamed arrived with Sofiane Ayari, another suspected Bru
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VIDEO: 'Refugees' Use Their Kids As Weapons to Attack Police
InformationLiberationApr 07
A series of videos have surfaced over the last few days showing "refugees" using their small children and babies as weapons against police.

This latest video filmed earlier today shows a group of migrants using their kids as front line battering rams to try and shove their way through a police line on the Greek-Macedonian border.

Rather than act to shield their children from police, the refugees are seen shoving their children into the police's shields.
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Congressman Rohrabacher Rips Obama For Attacks On Putin; 'He's Watching Out for Russia, We Should do the Same'
RTApr 07
As the current rhetoric between the Kremlin and the White House appears to be riddled with contradictions, US congressman and former Reagan speechwriter Dana Rohrabacher spoke with RT about the past, present, and future of US-Russia relations.

“The relations between our countries in the last 3 years have gone from dismal to worse. It’s become hurtful for both our nations,” says Rohrabacher, adding that the communications on both sides has always been disappointingly lacking in
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VIDEO: 'Refugee' Threatens to Throw BABY At Police in Greece
InfowarsApr 07
Shocking video footage shows the moment when a "refugee" threatens to throw a baby at police officers in Greece because they refuse to allow him to continue his journey to the welfare havens of northern Europe.

The incident occurred at the Greek port of Piraeus where migrants were told they were being moved to a purpose built camp near Athens.

Furious at being unable to continue their journey into western Europe, the clip shows a man hold a baby aloft before gestur
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Cologne Police Told to Remove 'Rape' From Memo On NYE Sexual Assaults - Report
RTApr 07
Police investigating mass sexual assaults that took place in Cologne on New Year's Eve say they have been ordered to remove the word "rape" from their report. It follows months of cover-up allegations by local authorities.

Cologne police officers received a phone call from the state police control center which told them to eliminate the word “vergewaltigung” (rape) from the report – titled “Rape, Sexual Harassment, Thefts Committed by a Large Group of Foreign People” – or tak
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Norway to Jail Migrants Whose Asylum Seeker Claims Are Deemed 'Obviously Groundless'
The Daily MailApr 06
Migrants in Norway with 'obviously groundless' asylum claims could be jailed for up to 72 hours to stop them escaping into the criminal underworld while their cases are processed.

The plan is part of a bill proposed today by Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug and aims to stop claimants evading the authorities if they know they will be rejected.

Since 2004 Norway has used a so-called 48-hour procedure where asylum claims of migrants from safe countries are process
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Swiss Pol: Refugee Crisis Could Trigger a New World War
InfowarsApr 05
Swiss People's Party (SVP) member of parliament Roger Köppel warns that the European migrant crisis is so out of control that it could lead to a new world war.

Writing in the Weltwoche daily newspaper, Köppel argues that "Europe is about to abolish itself" due to a "megalomaniac" open border policy overseen by the likes of Angela Merkel,

"The basic problem today is
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Swiss School Lambasted For Backing Muslim Teens Who Refuse to Shake Hands With Female Teachers
RTApr 05
A school in Switzerland says its Muslim pupils will no longer have to shake hands with female teachers following a controversial ruling. Two male Muslim students said they did not want to shake hands with women as it was against their religion.

The school in the northern Swiss municipality of Therwil, which is in the canton of Basel, took the decision after two male pupils, aged 14 and 15, complained that they were being made to shake hands with their teachers, including female me
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'Underage' Migrant Rapes 15 Year Old On Second Day in Sweden
BreitbartApr 05

Trump Reveals How He Would Force Mexico to Pay For Border Wall
Washington PostApr 05

Greeks Fear Muslims Will Kill Them If They Don't Rush to Build Mosque
InformationLiberationApr 04
Islamic terrorists will start killing people in Greece if the state doesn't rush to construct a taxpayer funded Mosque in the city of Athens, anonymous Greek officials too afraid to go on the record fear.

Ekathimerini reports:
Government officials fear that the delays in constructing a mosque in Athens, a process that has been beset ... (more)

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