British Pilots Given Green Light to Shoot Down Russian Jets
InfowarsOct 12
Following a report British defense officials have instructed fighter jet pilots to shoot down Russian jets over Syria, the military attaché at the British Embassy in Moscow was summoned to provide an explanation. "He was handed a note with a request to provide official explanations on information, published in the British media, citing high-ranking sources in the Defense Ministry of the country, on alleged directives to use weapons against Russian aircraft 'in case of threat to their lives,' re... (more)

US Defense Secretary Predicts Terror Attacks On Russia
Antiwar.comOct 09
Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, in comments mocking Russia’s “unprofessional” military for the way it is conducting airstrikes against ISIS, predicted that Russia would face “reprisal” terror attacks on Russian soil because of their military action.

Earlier this week a group of Saudi clerics issued a joint statement urging jihad against Russia for its s
... (more)

US Scraps Program to Train Syrian Rebels
Antiwar.comOct 09

Greenwald: Obama Cannot Simply Apologize For Committing War Crimes
InfowarsOct 08
Journalist Glenn Greenwald slammed the president in a CNN interview Wednesday, for delivering a lame apology to the Doctors Without Borders organisation, following the US airstrike on their hospital in Afghanistan.

"Doctors Without Borders, the organization that has run this hospital for five years, has made very clear that they're not most interested in hearing apologies or claims of mistake or collateral damage," Greenwald urged.

"They want only one thing, and th
... (more)

Why Is The U.S. Refusing An Independent Investigation If Its Hospital Airstrike Was An "Accident"?
The InterceptOct 08

Brzezinski: Obama Should Retaliate If Russia Doesn't Stop Attacking U.S. Assets
PoliticoOct 07

Top U.S. General in Afghanistan: Hospital Was 'Mistakenly Struck'
Washington PostOct 06

'No Borders' Activist Gang Raped by Migrants, Pressured Into Keeping Quiet to Not 'Damage Cause'
BreitbartOct 06

Trump: Middle East Would Be More Stable With Saddam and Gadhafi
Antiwar.comOct 05
Speaking today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump cautioned against further intervention in Syria, noting that the US largely has no idea who these rebels they’ve been funding and arming are, and predicting that Syria would go the way of Libya and Iraq, toward more chaos, if Assad was ousted.

Pressed on whether this meant he believed
... (more)

One Day After Warning Russia of Civilian Casualties, the U.S. Bombs a Hospital in Afghanistan
Glenn GreenwaldOct 05

Caught On Tape: Dramatic Footage Of Russia's First Airstrikes In Syria
ZeroHedgeSep 30

VIDEO: Full Vladimir Putin Interview With 60 Minutes
InformationLiberationSep 29
Update: The copyright fascists at CBS news had the video from YouTube taken down, below is the interview from their site in two parts.
... (more)

Western Propaganda Machine Kicks Into Overdrive As UK Brands Assad "A Butcher", France Bombs Syria In "Self Defense"
ZeroHedgeSep 28

France: Drivers Win Right To Post Speed Trap Warnings On Facebook
TheNewspaperSep 23

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies
New York TimesSep 21

Belgium Considers Selecting Citizens for Senate via Lottery
DisinformationSep 15
This is a great idea, and long overdue. If they are able to successfully implement this, perhaps it might catch on in other countries which could also stand to benefit from a healthy dose of direct democracy.

Via Equality by Lot:
Senior politicians in Brussels are supporting a legislative reform that could revolutionize B... (more)

Edward Snowden Takes Aim At Russia While Accepting Norwegian Prize For Freedom Of Expression
SCMPSep 07

'Victory for the People' as Guatemalan President Resigns in Disgrace
Common DreamsSep 03

Cocaine Production Plummets After DEA Kicked Out of Bolivia
The Anti-MediaAug 28
After the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was kicked out of Bolivia, the country was able to drastically reduce the amount of coca (cocaine) produced within its borders. According to data released by the United Nations, cocaine production in the country declined by 11% in the past year, marking the fourth year in a row of steady decrease.

... (more)

Cross-Border Journey To Liberland Reveals Trouble in Libertarian Paradise
PanamPostAug 20

New Human Freedom Index, U.S. Ranks 20th
Cato @ LibertyAug 19

Did the U.S. Just Bomb Civilians in Syria?
The Daily BeastAug 13

Zimbabwe Has Reportedly Lifted The Hunting Ban It Imposed After The Killing Of Cecil The Lion
ReutersAug 12

US Invasion of Syria: The Deep Breath Before the Plunge
Activist PostAug 10
When Foreign Policy magazine recently claimed, "Turkey Goes to War," in their article of the same title, what they really meant was "the US goes to war." That is because the lengthy plan they described in their article is not of the Turks' creation, but a long-standing US plan committed to policy papers since at least as e... (more)

US Military-Industrial Complex Needs Russia As An Enemy: Ron Paul
Press TVAug 06
The US military-industrial complex always wants to have an enemy and now it seeks to use Russia as an adversary, says former American presidential candidate Ron Paul.

"The people have to have the propaganda convert them into someone they hate, so they can hate," Paul said on Friday, during the 2015 YAL National Convention in Washington, DC.

The former Texas congressman said the US is conducting a propaganda campaign aimed at spreading disinformation about issues lik
... (more)

India Lifts Porn Ban After Widespread Outrage
BBC NewsAug 06

Study: Hundreds of Civilians Reported Killed in First Year of Coalition Airstrikes
Antiwar.comAug 04

War President Obama Authorizes Ongoing Airstrikes Against Syria
Common DreamsAug 03
President Barack Obama has authorized the use of airstrikes against targets inside Syria in order to defend Western-backed fighters now operating on the ground, according to administration officials who spoke with journalists off the record over the weekend and later confirmed by the Pentagon.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new authorization was approved Frid
... (more)

'What Lion?,' Zimbabweans Don't Give A Damn About Cecil Story
InformationLiberationJul 30
Zimbabweans by and large don't give a damn about the Cecil story, instead they see lions as violent predators and are asking why Americans don't care their people are being killed by them.

From Reuters:
HARARE — As social media exploded with outrage this week at the killing of Cecil the lion, the untimely passing of the celebrated predator at the hands of an American... (more)

42 Years Later, Officers Charged for Murder of Defiant Chilean Folk Singer
Common DreamsJul 24
More than four decades after the Chilean military tortured and killed beloved folk singer, playwright, and social activist Victor Jara during the coup of General Augusto Pinochet, former officers allegedly involved in the murder are finally facing charges.
... (more)

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