Donald Trump 'Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize' For 'Vigorous Peace Through Strength Ideology'
The IndependentFeb 03

Ann Coulter at Trump Rally: "Should We Keep Replacing Americans with Somalis, Pakistanis, Hondurans & Mexicans?"
InformationLiberationFeb 02

Ann Coulter raises the specter of The Great Displacement before introducing Trump at a rally in Milford, New Hampshire.

Donald Trump Blasts 'Liar' Ted Cruz Over Ben Carson Story
Right Side BroadcastingFeb 02

At a Trump campaign rally today in Milford, NH, GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted opponent Senator Ted Cruz over his campaign's dishonest tactics in Iowa, including his campaign sending out a message telling his supporters to tell Ben Carson's supporters that Mr. Carson had dropped out of the race.
Full Speech...

Donald Trump: Honor Placing Second in Iowa, 'Spent Very Little - Fraction of Cruz and Rubio'
BreitbartFeb 02

Kelly Slater: Vote Nobody 2016, Investigate 9/11 and Screw Monsanto!
WeAreChangeFeb 02

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews professional surfing legend Kelly Slater in Oahu Hawaii. The two discuss the 2016 presidential elections, the truth behind 9/11 and the battle with Monsanto in Hawaii. The conversation goes from hardcore politics to spirituality and consciousness.

Bush's Final Rally Interrupted by 'Seat Fillers' Demanding to Be Paid
USA TodayFeb 02
A little flier showed up early Monday morning on social media.

A handful of Twitter users supporting various Republican presidential candidates tweeted a photo of slip of paper with a headline reading "$$$ Earn fast cash today! $$$" and an offer for $25 an hour to attend Jeb Bush's final campaign event at the Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines.

The implication: Bush was so desperate he was pa
... (more)

Police: Dallas Teens Forced 15-Year-Old Girl to Have Sex With 6 Men Per Day For 2 Weeks
San Antonio Express-NewsFeb 02

Black Female Rapper Azealia Banks Says She's Voting For Trump
InformationLiberationFeb 01

...and her followers go batsh*t crazy.

VIDEO: Hillary Supporters Endorse Karl Marx As Her Pick For VP
Mark DiceFeb 01

Hillary Clinton supporters are asked to sign a petition to approve of "her choice" of Communist Karl Marx to be her vice president if she's elected President of the United States. Are Hillary fans so out of touch with reality? Media analyst Mark Dice investigates.

Donald Trump Jr About His Dad "He's a Blue Collar Guy With a Very Big Balance Sheet"
YouTubeFeb 01

3 in 4 Young Black Americans Say They’d Feel Like Fleeing The Country If Donald Trump Were Elected
Fusion.netFeb 01

Segregated Dorms For Males 'Who Identify as Black' Coming to UConn
Campus ReformFeb 01

Guardian News and Media to Slash £54m From Annual Budget to Curb Losses
Press GazetteFeb 01

Georgia Deputy Who Upheld Constitution in Viral Video Passes Away

Flags at half mast for this American hero! - Chris

VIDEO: Trump Attends The 7th GOP Debate [Comedy]
Super DeluxeJan 30

"It's another rough night for Jeb at the 7th GOP Debate. With the Iowa Caucuses right around the corner, will he be able to bounce back in time? Video by Vic Berger."

Debate Pulls 12.5M Viewers, Trump 2.7M
CNNJan 29

Father Charged After Girl, 12, Is Killed by Police Constable
CNNJan 29

Oliver Stone: Jewish Control of the Media Is Preventing Free Holocaust Debate
HaaretzJan 29

Richard Dawkins Dropped From Science Event For Tweeting Video Mocking Feminists and Islamists
The IndependentJan 29

Ammon Bundy Admits Defeat, Calls On Remaining Oregon Occupiers to 'Stand Down, Go Home'
ZeroHedgeJan 28

Milo Yiannopoulos On BBC3's #Trollhunters
Milo YiannopoulosJan 28

"The BBC had me in to give a helpful tutorial about this new thing called a power button. Turns out all devices have them, and they stop trolls immediately. Was glad to pitch in and sort things for them, as always. Hair game was on point."

Oxford Study Uses Math to Show Most Conspiracy Theories Untrue
RTJan 27
An Oxford scientist has used mathematics to make the claim that certain conspiracy theories - like that the manned moon-landing was faked - would have been exposed by now, owing simply to the number of people believing in them.

This has to do with the simple fact that a certain number of people can only keep a secret for a set amount of time.

Dr. David Grimes believes his formula for figuring this out works, and is basically this: a secret that would last over
... (more)
Scientists said flight was mathematically impossible.

Trump Bashes "Childish" Fox News & Cancels On Debate: "Let's See How Much Money They Make Without Me!"
InformationLiberationJan 26

Trump just told Fox News to get f****d and canceled on their debate after they issued a "childish" snarky press release attacking him for complaining about Megyn Kelly being a host.

Via WashPo:
[...]Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski confirmed to The Washington Post that Trump would "definitely not" participate in Thursday's Fox News debate.
... (more)

MU Professor Melissa Click Charged With Assault
ABC 17 NewsJan 26

4Chan On Jeb [Pics]
InformationLiberationJan 26
Some epic memes for your delight...


... (more)

Men With Penises Can Compete As Women Under New Olympic Guidelines
InformationLiberationJan 25
Men with penises can compete as women under the International Olympic Committee's new guidelines, so long as the men take female hormones and maintain low testosterone levels for one year before competing.

Via RT:
Transgender athletes are now allowed to participate in the Olympics without having to undergo sex reassignment surgery, according to new recommendations issued by th... (more)

Student Cleared of Rape Still Not Welcome At His College
Washington ExaminerJan 25

Trump On Glenn Beck: "He's Always Crying..."
InformationLiberationJan 23

Trump says Glenn Beck, who attacked him in National Review earlier this week, is a "sad sack" and a "loser" who's just angry that he wouldn't do his "failing" internet show.

Arkansas Teen Turned Away From Marines Because of His Confederate Flag Tattoo
The Daily MailJan 23

Nate Silver 'Much Less Skeptical' That Trump Can Win
PoliticoJan 22

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