Pat Buchanan: Breakup of The West?
Patrick J. BuchananMay 30

Ann Coulter: Rome Burns - Nero Worries About Pyrophobia
Ann CoulterMay 24

Pat Buchanan: Appoint A Special Prosecutor For Criminal Leaks
Patrick J. BuchananMay 23

Paul Craig Roberts: 'The Assault On Trump Is Unprecedented'
Paul Craig RobertsMay 20
We are witnessing an assault by the national security state and its liberal media on a President of the United States that is unprecedented.

Wild and unsupported accusations of treasonous or illegal Russian connections have been the mainstay of the news since Trumpís campaign for president. These accusations have reached the point that there is an impeachment movement driven by the national security state and its liberal media and endorsed by Democrats, the American leftwing which
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Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Stabs Trump In The Back, Basks In Media Praise
InformationLiberationMay 18
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein did the deep state's bidding on Wednesday by appointing a special prosecutor to derail Donald Trump's presidency.

Without even so much as contacting the White House, Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate phony "Russian influence" in the 2016 presidential election.
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Pat Buchanan: What Is America's Goal In The World?
Patrick J. BuchananMay 12
Pat Buchanan writes in his latest column:
What does the balance sheet of post-Cold War interventions look like?

Since 1991, we have lost our global preeminence, quadrupled our national debt, and gotten ourselves mired in five Mideast wars, with the neocons clamoring for a sixth, with Iran.

With the New World Order and global democracy having been abandoned as Americaís great goals,
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Ann Coulter: To Say, 'Stop Raping Me!' in English, Press '1' Now
Ann CoulterMay 11

Ann Coulter: Swamp People: 47; Trump: 0
Ann CoulterMay 03

Paul Craig Roberts: American Democracy Is A Dead Man Walking
Paul Craig RobertsMay 03
Trump's "sell-out," as it is called, coming on top of Obama's eight-year "sell-out," is instructive. We have now had a Democratic president who sold out the people who elected him and a Republican president who has done the same thing. This is a very interesting point, the meaning of which most people miss.

But not Russia's president, Vladimir Putin. At the Valdai discussion club, Putin summed up Western democracy, which I paraphrase as follows:
In the West, ... (more)

Pat Buchanan: The Rise of The Generals
Patrick J. BuchananApr 29

Paul Craig Roberts: 'Trump Now A Captive Of The Deep State'
Paul Craig RobertsApr 27
When the gullible and insouciant American public and the presstitutes who participate in the deceptions permitted the Deep State to get away with the fairy tale that a few Saudi Arabians under the direction of Osama bin Laden, but without the support of any government or intelligence agency, were able to outwit the entirety of the Western Alliance and Israel's Mossad and deliver the greatest humiliation in history to "the world's only superpower" by making the entirety of the US government dysf... (more)

Ann Coulter: Not Building the Wall IS a Government Shutdown
Ann CoulterApr 27

Pat Buchanan: Is Democracy in a Death Spiral?
Patrick J. BuchananApr 25

Ann Coulter: Your Choice--A Green America or a Brown America
Ann CoulterApr 20

Pat Buchanan: War Cries Drown Out "America First"
Patrick J. BuchananApr 18

Pat Buchanan: Is Trump Enlisting in The War Party?
Patrick J. BuchananApr 11

Atrocity War Propaganda In A Nutshell
InformationLiberationApr 11
The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof "wrote a half-dozen columns in 2011 calling for US strikes in Libya and hasn't written about Libya since 9/7/11 -- or 2041 days ago."

Adam H. Johnson from FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) wrote Sunday on Twitter:
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The War to End All Peace
The Unz ReviewApr 07

WSJ: Susan Rice Was Not Alone in "Unmasking" Team Trump
Zero HedgeApr 05
As part of its daily wrap of the Susan Rice newsflow, which focused on her first media appearance since she was "outed" as the persona responsible for "unmasking" members of team Trump, the WSJ provides two new pieces of incremental information: i) ... (more)

Pat Buchanan: Why Is Kim Jong Un Our Problem?
Patrick J. BuchananApr 04

Pat Buchanan: Is Putin The 'Preeminent Statesman' of Our Times?
Patrick J. BuchananMar 31

Ann Coulter: A Health Care Plan So Simple, Even a Republican Can Understand!
Ann CoulterMar 30

Trump Agenda On Offense: 7 Stories in 24 Hours Give President's Base Hope
BreitbartMar 28

Pat Buchanan: The Ryancare Route -- Winning by Losing?
Patrick J. BuchananMar 28

Ann Coulter: We Have Now Hit Full-On Crazy
Ann CoulterMar 24

Pat Buchanan: The Obama Plot to Sabotage Trump
Patrick J. BuchananMar 24

Carlson: "U.S. Has Imported A Foreign Criminal Class That Operates A Multi-Billion Dollar Drug Trade"
InformationLiberationMar 23
Tucker Carlson shared statistics on his show Thursday highlighting the link between immigrants and crime and said the US has in effect "imported a foreign criminal class that operates a multi-billion dollar drug trade within our borders."

"An exclusive analysis of data collected by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency largely vindicates the president's claim that US immigration policies are contributing to crime in the country," Tucker said.
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WATCH: The Truth About The London Terror Attack
InformationLiberationMar 22
"Pray for" hashtags will not prevent this.

Turning off the lights to the Eiffel Tower won't prevent this.

Putting a filter on your Facebook profile pic won't prevent this.
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Pat Buchanan: Will Russiagate Backfire On The Left?
Patrick J. BuchananMar 20

Female Privilege
Diversity Macht FreiMar 20
This New York Times article about "The Decline of Men" is well worth reading.

Key takeaways from the article are:

While men still dominate top positions, there is growing polarisation among men. A small minority of men are doing very well, while a large number of men are not.
In 2016, 95.8 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs were male and so we... (more)

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