Pat Buchanan: Are America's Wars Just and Moral?
Patrick J. BuchananJul 26

Pat Buchanan: Is Iran In Our Gun Sights Now?
Patrick J. BuchananJul 21

Paul Craig Roberts: Times Change Out From Under Us
Paul Craig RobertsJul 16
He had lugged the 50 lb bag of Milorganite into the garden in order to discover, as on many prior occasions, that he had nothing with which to open it. He blamed this on the war on terror and the TSA. As a youth he, as did every boy, had a pocket knife. Always. It was expected. There was no school rule against pocket knives. Once for a period they even all had switchblades. You could get them for 99 cents, a large amount in those days, enough to buy a case of 24 Coca-Colas. The switchblades met ... (more)

How Russia-gate Met the Magnitsky Myth
Consortium NewsJul 14

Pat Buchanan: Russia Baiters and Putin Haters
Patrick J. BuchananJul 14

Ann Coulter: GOP Rallies Behind Idiotic Bill
Ann CoulterJul 13

Pat Buchanan: Alone Perhaps, But Is Trump Right?
Patrick J. BuchananJul 11

Ann Coulter: Immigrant of The Week: Henry Bello (Obotetukudo)
Ann CoulterJul 06

Pat Buchanan: Is America Still a Nation?
Patrick J. BuchananJul 04

Ann Coulter: Even Trump Can't Make Goldman Sachs Popular
Ann CoulterJun 29

Greenwald: CNN Journalists Resign: Latest Example of Media Recklessness on the Russia Threat
The InterceptJun 28

Buchanan: The West is Bringing in Peoples Who Take More in Social Welfare Than They Pay in Taxes
InformationLiberationJun 27
If demographics are destiny, the future of the US is going to reflect the bankrupt states of Illinois and Puerto Rico, so says Pat Buchanan in his latest column.

Buchanan writes:
If Gov. Bruce Rauner and his legislature in Springfield do not put a budget together by Friday, the Land of Lincoln will be the first state in the Union to see its debt plunge into junk-bond status. ... (more)

Jon Turley: Trump's Travel Ban Victory Should Force Media to Examine Itself
The HillJun 27

Pat Buchanan: The Passing of The Pelosi Era
Pat BuchananJun 23

Ann Coulter: The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them!
Ann CoulterJun 22

Pat Buchanan: A Long History of Leftist Hatred
Patrick J. BuchananJun 16

'Play To Win or Go Away': Stefan Molyneux's Message To The Right
InformationLiberationJun 15
"It's very clear that many Republicans and conservatives do not understand the game that is being played or how to win and fulfill their legislative agenda," Stefan Molyneux says.

"It's time to either play to win or for spineless Republicans and conservatives to simply go away."
... (more)

Ann Coulter: The 'Resistance' Goes Live-Fire
Ann CoulterJun 14

Pat Buchanan: Are We Nearing Civil War?
Patrick J. BuchananJun 13

Pat Buchanan On 'The Impeach-Trump Conspiracy': 'Where Are The Criminals? Where Is The Crime?'
Patrick J. BuchananJun 09

Ann Coulter: All We Need Is Love ... and Deportations
Ann CoulterJun 08

Pat Buchanan: Is Afghanistan a Lost Cause?
Patrick J. BuchananJun 03

Ann Coulter: Press Barking (Mad) Up The Wrong Tree
Ann CoulterJun 01

Tucker: The Left's 'Diversity Agenda' Is 'Totalitarian, and It Is Everywhere'
Fox News InsiderMay 31

Pat Buchanan: Breakup of The West?
Patrick J. BuchananMay 30

Ann Coulter: Rome Burns - Nero Worries About Pyrophobia
Ann CoulterMay 24

Pat Buchanan: Appoint A Special Prosecutor For Criminal Leaks
Patrick J. BuchananMay 23

Paul Craig Roberts: 'The Assault On Trump Is Unprecedented'
Paul Craig RobertsMay 20
We are witnessing an assault by the national security state and its liberal media on a President of the United States that is unprecedented.

Wild and unsupported accusations of treasonous or illegal Russian connections have been the mainstay of the news since Trumpís campaign for president. These accusations have reached the point that there is an impeachment movement driven by the national security state and its liberal media and endorsed by Democrats, the American leftwing which
... (more)

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Stabs Trump In The Back, Basks In Media Praise
InformationLiberationMay 18
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein did the deep state's bidding on Wednesday by appointing a special prosecutor to derail Donald Trump's presidency.

Without even so much as contacting the White House, Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate phony "Russian influence" in the 2016 presidential election.
... (more)

Pat Buchanan: What Is America's Goal In The World?
Patrick J. BuchananMay 12
Pat Buchanan writes in his latest column:
What does the balance sheet of post-Cold War interventions look like?

Since 1991, we have lost our global preeminence, quadrupled our national debt, and gotten ourselves mired in five Mideast wars, with the neocons clamoring for a sixth, with Iran.

With the New World Order and global democracy having been abandoned as Americaís great goals,
... (more)

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