Militarism: Our Civic Religion
Jacob G. HornbergerSep 15

The Simplicity of Libertarianism
Jacob G. HornbergerSep 14

Does It Matter Who Is Elected President?
Jacob G. HornbergerSep 11
For the next year, we are all going to have to endure the presidential campaign and its accompanying blowhard speeches, insipid commentaries, and vapid debates.

At the same time, many people will be terribly excited over the opportunity they get every four years to elect the person who will wield omnipotent power over their lives. It’s really not surprising that people get so excited about the presidential race because it’s the only time when the person who will rule over them wil
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America's Police State Is Rooted In Four Federal Wars
Jacob G. HornbergerSep 10
Consider the impact on the civil liberties of the American people of four of the non-stop wars that the U.S. government has been waging for a very long time: the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, the war on immigrants, and the war on wealth. These four wars have converted what was once a free country into a police state, making the United States the most over-incarcerated nation in the world.

The war on drugs has subjected people to an untold number of searches of persons, homes
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'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death': The Loss of Our Freedoms in the Wake of 9/11
The Rutheford InstituteSep 09
"Since mankind's dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We've seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse." - Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

What began with the passage of the USA Patriot Act in October 2001 has snowballed into the eradication of every vital safeguard against government overreach
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The Executioner
William Norman GriggSep 09
"The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers," exclaimed Dick the Butcher, a zealous follower of revolutionary Jack Cade in the second part of Shakespeare’s Henry VI.

Attorney and law professor William C. Bradford, until recently an instructor at West Point, would be a bit more discriminating. Rather than killing all lawyers or legal scholars, Bradfor
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Don't Assume I'm Smarter Than My Contractor
The FreemanSep 08
"So, I figured I'd ask you," said my contractor. "You're a lot smarter than me and--"

That's when I stopped him.

Tom knows I am a college professor, and he wanted to ask my advice on his daughter's education. He's an ex-Marine who never went to college. It makes sense to ask an educator for advice about education, but why does that make me smarter?

I thought about all the times I've asked Tom's advice about the house we are renovating, and about all t
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Never Trust a Prosecutor
William L. AndersonSep 08
Accused: My Fight for Truth, Justice, & the Strength to Forgive, by Tonya Craft with Mark Dagostina, BenBella Books, 2015, 348 pages, Hardback.

To give a brief synopsis of Accused, Catoosa County, Georgia, authorities in 2008 charged Craft, then a kindergarten teacher, of 22 counts of child molestation, with the three accusing
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The Real Refugee Problem – And How To Solve It
Ron Paul InstituteSep 08
Last week Europe saw one of its worst crises in decades. Tens of thousands of migrants entered the European Union via Hungary, demanding passage to their hoped-for final destination, Germany.

While the media focuses on the human tragedy of so many people uprooted and traveling in dangerous circumstances, there is very little attention given to the events that led them to leave their countries. Certainly we all feel for the displaced people, especially the children, but let’s not f
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The Religious Persecution of Kim Davis
Christopher CantwellSep 07
Kim Davis, the 49 year old clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, has been the subject of much discussion as of late. Kim made headlines when she defied the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges ruling from April, by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Davis cites her r... (more)

The Truth About Police Violence Against Minorities, What #BlackLivesMatter Isn't Talking About
The Free Thought ProjectSep 07
On a daily basis, we hear about how if the #BlackLivesMatter movement really cared about black lives then they would say something about the black on black crime in poverty-stricken neighborhoods across the United States. This assertion comes from opponents of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and is usually made by police apologists who ignore the fact that police kill black men at a much higher rate than whites.

African-Americans make up only 13 percent of the population, yet they
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Lessons for Taxpayers from Record Low SAT Scores
The BeaconSep 07
Nearly 1.7 million high school students took the SAT college aptitude exam this year--a record high. But the good news appears to stop there. According to Bloomberg Business:
Students in the high school class of 2015 turned in the lo... (more)

Police Recruiting is Down, Hope for a Free Society is Up
Cop BlockSep 04

Your "Duty" to Protect and Serve the Police
William Norman GriggSep 03
Glenn Beck, acting in his self-appointed role as a punitive populist prophet, has urged his audience to join “hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm,” and “ring” their local police departments in prayer. The local police are “under siege,” Beck tremulously insists, and divine intervention on their behalf is necessary.

Beck hasn't yet urged Americans to act as human shields on behalf of the heavily armed, body armor-clad functionaries who are supposedly paid to protect them. Some police union o
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Why Does Anarchy Make Everyone Fill Their Pants in Fear?
ZeroGovSep 03

Sheep Led to the Slaughter: The Muzzling of Free Speech in America
The Rutheford InstituteSep 02
"If the freedom of speech be taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."--George Washington

The architects of the American police state must think we're idiots.

With every passing day, we're being moved further down the road towards a totalitarian society characterized by government censorship, violence, corruption, hypocrisy
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The Mountain of Legal Injustice in the USA
The BeaconSep 02
In view of the thousands of laws in the USA for whose violation people are punished even though no identifiable person has been harmed by their actions, is it not wholly appropriate to say that those who are punished are in fact being punished for political crimes?

For example, persons entering or leaving the USA must file a declaration of the exact amount of cash and negotiable monetary instrume
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On Houston Deputy: Cops Who Kill Are Getting Other Cops Killed
Cop BlockSep 01

The Government's Tax on Peace of Mind
The BeaconSep 01
In the USA, thousands of distinct actions that violate no one’s natural rights have been declared illegal. Often the law provides for draconian punishment of those who violate such unjust laws. Sometimes, especially in cases involving alleged violation of tax laws or drug laws, the government may seize an alleged violator’s assets, making it impossible for him to mount an effective defense, conduct a business, or even live a normal life. In this perverse legal environment, ordinary people know, ... (more)

Guns, Drugs, and Booze: Why Both Political Parties Love Prohibition
Mises InstituteAug 31
It’s been noticed more than a few times that there aren’t many substantive differences between the Republicans and Democrats. While this is true in many ways for the parties themselves, the Left and Right certainly differ on a range of issues from welfare to abortion to gay rights.

What they have in common — at least the mainstream varieties — is a desire to use the state to shape society in whatever way they see fit. As Andrew Napolitano put it, “We have migrated from a two-p
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Vicente Maduro: A New Hero for American Conservatives
Jacob G. HornbergerAug 31
Venezuela's dictator Vicente Maduro, who American conservatives have long reviled for his socialism and economic fascism, has suddenly become a new hero to them.

How did such a remarkable transformation take place?

Maduro has instituted a reign of terror against illegal immigrants in Venezuela, specifically those from Columbia. And that's enough to make Maduro a new hero to American conservatives, who wish that President Obama (or his successor) would take the same
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Vester Lee Flanagan, Social Justice Avenger
William Norman GriggAug 28
A Communist is merely a socialist in a hurry. Vester Lee Flanagan, by his own description, was an impatient social justice warrior. The murderous means he employed to punish those he accused of bigotry made visible the latent lethal violence that resides in State policies oriented toward the same objective.

Flanagan, also known by the professional name Bryce Williams, was a promiscuous pe
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Jorge Ramos Commits Journalism, Gets Immediately Attacked by Journalists
Glenn GreenwaldAug 28

Follow the Silk Road
The BeaconAug 27
Stretching some 4,000 miles, the "Silk Road" was a trade network connecting the continent of Asia. From around 200 B.C., the route, running from China to India, to the Mediterranean Sea, the horn of Africa, and beyond, the route is largely credited for opening up trade in much of the world, leading to the development and exchange of everything from spices and cloth, to religions and political philosophies.

In 2011, a new Silk Road sought to once again bridge the gap between buyers
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Sometimes We Crash
The FreemanAug 26
My daughters and I were recently in a car accident. The whole thing happened behind us so we aren't sure of the details, but so far as we have been able to discover, a driver swerved to avoid someone who was driving erratically. As he swerved, his car hit ours. He went into a ditch, and we went into a spin in the middle of four lanes of high-speed traffic. The erratic driver never stopped or even slowed down.

Everyone involved in the accident is okay.

After I got ho
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I Am A Keyboard Warrior Against the Police State and Proud of It
Cop BlockAug 26

Hostages and the Right to Pay Ransom
Mises InstituteAug 26

The Raping Of America: Mile Markers On The Road To Fascism
The Rutheford InstituteAug 25
"Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed."--Martin Luther King Jr.

There's an ill will blowing across the country. The economy is tanking. The people are directionless, and politics provides no answer. And like former regimes, the militarized police have stepped up to provide a facade of law and orde
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Captured, Cuffed, and Jailed: A Personal Story
Jeffrey TuckerAug 23
It was a lovely day otherwise but, for me, most of it was spent in jail.

From one minute to the next, I went from seemingly free to cuffed and captured. Anyone who has ever experienced such a thing knows exactly what I mean. If you haven't experienced it, I hope you never do.

It might be best described as a loss of innocence, plus a new presence of awareness that all that we love and cherish in this world hangs in the balance. The balance can be tipped, with or wi
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Trumpismo, Mexico, and the Drug Cartels
Justin RaimondoAug 20

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