CNN and The NYT Are Deliberately Obscuring Who Perpetrated The Afghan Hospital Attack
Glenn GreenwaldOct 06

The Future Is Decentralized
Mises InstituteOct 06

The Menace of Egalitarianism
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.Oct 05
A sharp Martian visiting Earth would make two observations about the United States–one true, the other only superficially so. On the basis of its ceaseless exercises in self-congratulation, the US appears to him to be a place where free thought is encouraged, and in which man makes war against all the fetters on his mind that reactionary forces had once placed there. That is the superficial truth.

The real truth, which our Martian would discover after watching how Americans actual
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How Trump Became Trump and What That Means for the Rest of Us
Nomi PrinsOct 05

Build It and They Will Come
Laurence M. VanceOct 05

College Campuses Are Not Gun-Free Zones
The BeaconOct 02
Wishing for something to be true does not make it true. Declaring an area to be gun-free is wishful thinking. I know campuses are not gun-free zones because I see news reports of campus shootings.

Declaring an area to be a gun-free zone discourages law-abiding citizens from carrying guns there, but it encourages people who intend to commit crimes with firearms because it gives them some assurance they will not meet with armed resistance from law-abiding citizens.

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Antiwar Hero: Siegfried Sassoon
The FreemanOct 02

Why is Washington Against Russia Bombing ISIS and Al-Qaeda?
Daniel McAdamsOct 01
On Wednesday the Russian military became active in the fight against ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria. Pursuant to a request from the Syrian government, Moscow first began deploying military equipment and trainers as well as humanitarian assistance. Then the Russian parliament approved the use of force, and force was indeed used on Wednesday.

The Obama Administration is not happy about this development.

The US has been bombing Syria for a year without permission from
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The Curse of American Exceptionalism
Thomas DiLorenzoOct 01
Nothing seems to cause one of the neocon talking heads to fall into a rage more than discussing a politician or political candidate who "doesn't believe in American exceptionalism!!"  Sean Hannity seems especially unhinged under such circumstances.  This is because "American exceptionalism" has long been the ideological underpinning of -- and justification for -- the American empire and all of its military adventures.  As shills for the American military/industrial complex and the empire that it... (more)

Debt Ceiling Circus Looms Ahead, Again
Jacob G. HornbergerOct 01

Obama Deifies American Hegemony
Paul Craig RobertsSep 30
Today is the 70th anniversary of the UN. It is not clear how much good the UN has done. Some UN Blue Hemet peacekeeping operations had limited success. But mainly Washington has used the UN for war, such as the Korean War and Washington’s Cold War against the Soviet Union. In our time Washington had UN tanks sent in against Bosnian Serbs during the period that Washington was dismantling Yugoslavia and Serbia and accusing Serbian leaders, who tried to defend the integrity of their country against... (more)

Governments Don't Kill, People Do
Laurence M. VanceSep 29
"When men hire themselves out to shoot other men to order, asking nothing about the justice of their cause, I don't care if they are shot themselves." - Herbert Spencer

Stalin and his government never starved a single Ukrainian. Hitler and his government never gassed a single Jew. Mao and his government never beat to death a single Chinese peasant. And even though the senseless, immoral, unnecessary, and unjust invasion and occupation of Iraq resulted in a pile of a million dead
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Crony Capitalism the Cause of Society's Problems
Richard M. EbelingSep 29

The Free Market: It's Like Uber, But for Everything
The FederalistSep 29

Catalonia Succession: What Would Lincoln Do?
Thomas DiLorenzoSep 28
Now that Catalonia has voted to secede from Spain, the U.S. government must be contemplating a response.  Fresh off the pope’s worshipful quoting of Abe Lincoln before Congress, and giving a speech from one of Abe’s own lecturns in Philadelphia, our politicians must be asking themselves (and answering):  What would Lincoln do?

The answer is obvious.  If he were the Spanish government, he could call up an army of at least a million men to invade Catalonia, bomb and burn its cities
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A Story of a Copsucker Turned Cop Blocker
Cop BlockSep 28

Are You American? You're Probably a Coward
Cop BlockSep 24
These days, Americans seem to be afraid of Every. Single. Fucking. Thing.

They are afraid of drugs. Americans are so afraid of drugs “ruining” people’s lives, that as a country, the United States has locked up more people than any other country in the world, both per capita, and in pure numbers. The United States constitutes about 4.4 percent of the world’s population, and has around 22 percent of the world’s prisoners. Some 31 million people have been arrested on drug related cha
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Here's Why Conservative Hopeful Ben Carson Couldn't be More Wrong on Islam
William Norman GriggSep 24
Dr. Ben Carson’s statement that Islam is "inconsistent with the values and principles of America" exhilarated the GOP’s conservative base while infuriating American Muslims and advocates of inter-faith outreach. The former commended Carson for taking a forthright stand against the supposed menac... (more)

No, America, You Don't Need to Comply with the REAL ID Act
Cato @ LibertySep 24
Like countless similar news stories recently, a report on Business Insider claims: "Residents from 5 US states could soon need a passport for a domestic flight." The idea is that the Transportation Security Administration will begin to enforce the REAL ID Act in 2016 by denying airport access to travelers from non-compliant states.

It’s not true.
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The U.S. Military and Afghan Child Sex Abuse
Jacob G. HornbergerSep 24

All Hail VW: Heroic Resistants Against The Green Tyranny!
BreitbartSep 24

The Crisis of the Now: Distracted and Diverted from the Ever-Encroaching Police State
The Rutherford InstituteSep 23
“When a population becomes distracted by trivia, when cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, when serious public conversation becomes a form of baby talk, when, in short, a people become an audience and their public business a vaudeville act, then a nation finds itself at risk: culture-death is a clear possib... (more)

"But They're Illegal!" The Worst Argument Against Immmigration
The BeaconSep 23
A few weeks ago I wrote a piece titled, "An Apology to an Immigrant." In the piece, I discussed my experience with thinking through the immigration debate, and offered sources that not only debunk many commonly-held myths regarding immigration, but also offer information on the benefits immigrants bring to the United States.

The response was about what I expected--people told me I was
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Homeschooling Is a Threat to Public Education
The FreemanSep 23
According to my local government, I'm just now beginning my fifth year as a homeschooling dad. That's how long state law has required us to file the paperwork.

In that time, I've heard homeschoolers called elitists (because not everyone can afford to educate their own children), snobs (because it is assumed that we look down on those who send their kids to group schools), religious fanatics (because, well, aren't all homescho
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Pray That No Pope (or President) Ever Visits Your Home Town
Ryan McMakenSep 23
No one is admitting to any hard numbers right now, but it looks like Pope Francis’s visit to the United States may be costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in security alone. That’s a conservative estimate.  That doesn’t count the cost of lost commerce to small businesses in impacted “security zones” and the massive o... (more)

Volkswagen and Foreign Policy
Karen De CosterSep 23
Government Motors executives knowingly kept putting faulty ignition switches on vehicles, playing the numbers game and covering up its con game that killed 120+ people. Then they pocket the US Justice Department and walk away with inconsequential fines and no criminal prosecution.

The Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) will have 3 corporate officers/managers sent to prison for a very long time for
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Don't Get Berned Again! The Sanders Bribe
Counter PunchSep 23

The Welfare-Warfare State Impoverishes Americans
Jacob G. HornbergerSep 22

The Rand Paul Campaign: A Retrospective
Jeffrey TuckerSep 21
I'm not ruling out a sudden surge, but, as for this writing, it seems very likely that Rand Paul will not get the Republican nomination, at least not this time. Maybe the future will be different.

Let's reflect on the meaning of this and its implications for the future of liberty.

Based on my social feeds, many libertarians are drawing the wrong lessons. They say that the reason Rand didn't pull it off is because he departed too much from the script. He should hav
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'We Do Not Need You': The Blue Supremacist Credo
William Norman GriggSep 18
“I was thrown under the bus for expressing my First Amendment rights,” complained former Surf City, North Carolina Police Chief Mike Halstead following his compelled resignation on September 15. Halstead was ousted after publishing a Facebook post in which he regurgitated a pre-digested slurry of punitive populist talking points about the nonexistent “war on police.”

The focus
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