Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Receiving Flu Vaccine
InfowarsJan 24

The Antipsychotic Prescribed To Adam Lanza Has A Troubled History All Its Own
Business InsiderDec 19

Former Marine claims military vaccines gave him brain damage
ValleyCentral.comDec 18

Justin Gerhardt had high hopes for himself.

"I was really interested in becoming a Marine Corps officer. It's something I always wanted to do since I was a child."

[...]After graduating college he was determined to become an officer in the US Marines, but during officer candidate school everything changed.

"I was given 7 vac
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Girl, 8, to get vaccination shots after court overrules mum
News.com.auNov 29

TriHealth fires 150 employees for not getting flu shots
Cincinnati.comNov 26

Australia: Deadly outbreaks feared as immunisation rates plunge
News.com.auNov 26

Our Masters See Us As Cattle -- Or Guinea Pigs
Will GriggOct 12
A lawsuit filed against the Environmental Protection Agency accuses the EPA of conducting experiments in which human beings were exposed to potentially lethal concentrations of diesel exhaust. Participants were paid $12 an hour to breathe in heavy doses of particulate matter called PM 2.5 – that is, particles that are smaller than 2.5 mircons.

According to EPA administrator Lisa Jack
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Veteran Class Certified in Drug 'Guinea Pig' Case
Courthouse News ServiceOct 05
A federal judge certified a class action lawsuit that could send thousands of Vietnam veterans into treatment for diseases they contracted during Cold War-era drug and chemical experiments.

The Army and the CIA, with the help of Nazi scientists, used veterans as human guinea pigs for testing the effects of up to 400 types of drugs and chemicals, including mescaline, LSD, amphetamines, barbiturates, mustard gas and nerve agents, the Vietnam Veterans of America and individual soldie
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NJ Attempts to Strip Parental Rights with Vaccine Anti-Exemption Bill
InfowarsSep 24
All 50 states across the nation offer parents the ability to exempt their child(ren) from vaccination requirements. This week, however, New Jersey legislators advanced a bill that would make such exemptions harder for parents to acquire in an attempt to crackdown on “easy exemption policies”.

Senate Bill 1759 was approved 6-2 by the state’s Senate Health, Human Services, and Sen
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UC Professor Eyes Permanent Sterilant To Cull US Population
Jurriaan MaessenSep 21
During a speech earlier this year given by University of California-Riverside professor Richard Cardullo, the cottonseed derivative Gossypol is being proposed as an adequate sterilant to bring down the birthrate in the United States. Stating that the substance's permanent sterilization effects on males is already being considered for widespread use in China and many third world countries, Cardullo calls it "an option" for use within the United States. In addition to Gossypol, the professor advis... (more)

Portland approves fluoride: 'Science is on the side of fluoridation'
KATUSep 14
"Reasonable people can disagree, but we're the government and we will forcibly medicate you whether you agree with us or not."

Private school vaccine opt-outs rise
Associated PressSep 10

Portland, Oregon to spend $5 million to poison its residents with toxic fluoride
Natural NewsAug 27
One of the last remaining urban bastions of fluoride-free water, the city of Portland, Oregon, is about to join the ranks of most other U.S. cities in forcibly medicating its residents with a drug that has been scientifically shown to impede proper brain development, lower IQ, damage thyroid function, and even cause cancer.

Oregon’s Herald and News reports that Portland Mayor Sam Adams has decided to join two other fluoride supporters on the five-member City Council, Randy Leonard
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'MMR vaccine causes autism' claim banned
The TelegraphAug 09

Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ - Published in Federal Gov't Journal
PRNewswireJul 26

Did Merck's Gardasil Vaccine Kill a 3 Year-Old Toddler?
Activist PostJul 18
In June 2012 Chace Topperwein, an adorable 3 year-old boy from New Zealand, lost his battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Chace was accidentally given Merck's Gardasil HPV when he was 6 weeks old; a vaccine that is intended to prevent cervical cancer from genital wart infection. A nurse mistakenly used the wrong syringe filled with Gardasil when she had meant to give the baby a meningitis vaccine.

Chace was diagnosed with myeloid leukemia at age 2 and died just last
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This story is an absolute nightmare.

Dr. Drew Pinsky cashed in on drug company money: Is your doctor on the take?
Slate MagazineJul 11
If you've ever seen Dr. Drew Pinsky on TV, you've seen the look: lips pursed, eyes narrowed, head slightly tilted to stage right. It's an expression that seems practiced in front of a mirror, designed to dispense to his troubled patients precisely the right dosage of compassion tinged with disapproval—but, instead, it makes him look like his mind is somewhere else, off golfing or figuring out where... (more)

New Hampshire Passes First State-Wide Fluoride Warning Law
PRNewswireJun 22

Vaccine bombshell: Baby monkeys given standard doses of popular vaccines develop autism symptoms
Natural NewsMay 08

Idaho Woman Arrested For Abortion Is Uneasy Case For Both Sides
Boise State Public RadioApr 13

Donald Trump Thinks Autism & Vaccines Linked
YouTubeApr 09

Donald Trump says he thinks vaccines are linked to autism and he doesn't care if it's not politically correct.

Free Sterilizations Must be Offered to All College Women, Says HHS
CNSNews.comMar 19
All student health care plans covering female college students in the United States must include coverage for free voluntary sterilization surgery, the Department of Health and Human Services announced late Friday afternoon.

Women of college age who do not attend school will also get free sterilization coverage whether they are insured through an employer, their parents, or some form of government-subsidized plan.

All student health plans, HHS said Friday as it fina
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Vermont Senate passes bill ending philosophical exemptions from school vaccination requirements
EndtheLieMar 05
The Vermont Senate recently passed a bill that is now on its way to the state House, which, if signed into law, would end the ability for parents to avoid getting their children vaccinated based on philosophical grounds.

This means that children will not be able to go to school if their parents refuse the vaccines, as they can no longer be exempt from the requirement based on parents' philosophical opposition.

No matter how you feel about vaccines, I hope that you r
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Vaccination rights attorney Patricia Finn threatened with criminal charges
NaturalNewsFeb 28

Mother angry after daughter vaccinated without her permission
WXYZFeb 25
Sighle Kinney is fuming after her 14-year-old daughter was given four shots by the school nurse at Marcus Garvey Academy without her permission.

The daughter says she was called out of class by the school nurse back on January 30th and sent to the school's clinic, which is operated by St. John's medical.

While there she was given four vaccinations, including the one for HPV. It was the shot for HPV really touched a nerve.

Sighle was furious. She says
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Australian Government Seeks to Deny Tax Benefits to Parents Who Refuse Vaccinations for their Children
InformationLiberationFeb 09

The Australian government is seeking to deny tax benefits to parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, because nothing says "this is in your best interest" like threats and intimidation.

Lawyers: Increased Prozac Dosage Led Teen to Murder Child
Fox4KCFeb 08

Swiss firm: Don't use our drugs for US executions
The LocalDec 13
Basel-based pharmaceuticals company Naari has issued an impassioned plea to the US state of Nebraska to return drugs that could be used to kill prisoners on death row.

"Naari did not supply these medicines directly to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services and is deeply opposed to the use of the medications in executions," CEO Prithi Kochhar wrote in a letter addressed to Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Heavican. He also sent the letter to Nebraska Attorney
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AP IMPACT: More kids skip school shots in 8 states
Associated PressNov 29

Possible study of anthrax vaccine’s effectiveness in children stirs debate
Washington PostOct 25
The Obama administration is wrestling with the thorny question of whether scientists should inject healthy children with the anthrax vaccine to see whether the shots would safely protect them against a bioterrorism attack.

The other option is to wait until an attack happens and then try to gather data from children whose parents agree to inoculate them in the face of an actual threat.

A key working group of federal advisers in September endorsed testing, sparking ob
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Flashback: Obama Administration Seeks to Test Anthrax Vaccine in Children

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