First They Came for the Anti-Vaxxers
LewRockwell.comApr 23

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Vaccines: Big Pharma has Captured the Scientific, Regulatory, Law-making Processes
Global ResearchApr 19
In this address given on the California Capitol steps in Sacramento Robert Kennedy Jr. provides an inspired and detailed analysis of the extent to which the powerful pharmaceutical cartel has effectively captured the nation’s scientific, regulatory, and law-making processes.

Combined with the corporate news media’s dependence on drug advertising, this has put big pharma in a position where it is running roughshod over informed choice and dictating vaccine policies that have little
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Vaccination Crackdown: Australia Announces End To Religious Exemptions
The GuardianApr 19

Shakedown of Unvaccinated Students Begins in Spokane, Washington
Activist PostApr 16
Spokane public schools in Washington state began to audit the vaccine records of students this week to identify those who are not in compliance with the recommended required vaccine schedule.

Once identified, the students will be detained along with their parents to be re-educated about vaccines, as well as to receive free jabs to get in compliance with vaccine schedules.

I wish this was satire.

Presumably, parents will also be provid
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Australian Government To Strip Benefits From Anti-Vaccination Parents
Syndey Morning HeraldApr 13

Obama Administration Plotting Adult Vaccination Mandates
The New AmericanApr 10

$1 Billion Lawsuit: Government Funded Studies Intentionally Infected People with STDs
The Anti-MediaApr 06
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Johns Hopkins University for performing unethical, government-sponsored studies on Guatemalan citizens in the 1940s and 1950s.

Doctors from the hospital, the suit alleges, deliberately infected soldiers, prisoners, orphans, and the mentally ill with STDs like syphilis and gonorrhea — without their consent — in order to tes
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Over Two Thirds Of People On Antidepressants 'May NOT Have Depression'
The Daily MailApr 06

Nashville DA Stops Practice of Adding Sterilization to Plea Deals
Circa NewsMar 30

How A Vaccine Plunged My Life Into Madness
The TelegraphMar 02

Fluoride In Drinking Water May Trigger Depression And Weight Gain, Warn Scientists
The TelegraphFeb 24

Federal Bill Announced to Eliminate All Vaccine Exemptions for Head Start
Activist PostFeb 12

Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of
Mercola.comFeb 06

Arizona Cardiologist Responds to Critics Regarding Measles and Vaccines
Vaccine ImpactFeb 05
Can't agree with everything he says but I like how he says it. - Chris

The US Government Has Paid out $3 Billion to Vaccine-Injured Americans Since 1989
The Daily SheepleFeb 05

Fox Host on Mandatory Vaccines: "Some Things Require Big Brother"
InfowarsFeb 04

After both Rand Paul and Chris Christie said that the government should not have the power to make childhood vaccines mandatory, Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly agreed that the state should be able to force parents into giving their kids shots, arguing “some things require big brother”.

During a visit to a vaccine laboratory, New J
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WashPo: Medical Experts 'Alarmed' Republican Pres. Candidates Advocate 'Some Measure Of Choice' Over Childhood Vaccines
Washington PostFeb 03

'Perfectly healthy' Florida girl, 10, is paralyzed with rare brain infection and can no longer speak - four days after receiving flu shot
The Daily MailNov 03

School Inoculates Third Grader in 'Vaccine Pilot Program' Without Parental Permission
InfowarsOct 22
A mother in Meridian, Idaho is speaking out after a school nurse administered a flu vaccine to her 8-year-old child without her permission.

The West Ada School District, which is running a flu vaccination pilot program, allegedly vaccinated the third grader by mistake according to school administrators.

The child’s mother, Letisha Huff, says the misstep could have been detrimental to her young son’s health.

“At first I was very, very upset,” Huff told
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Secret Project Created Weaponized Ebola in South Africa in the 1980s
Old-Thinker NewsOct 20

U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: Liberian Scientist
Global ResearchOct 20

Feds: Blacks Suffer Most From Fluoride, Fluoridate Anyway
The New AmericanOct 17

LA's "Entitled Westsiders" Eschewing Vaccination
Hollywood ReporterSep 17

Measles Witch Hunt: Anti-Vax Parents Burned at the Propaganda Stake
The Daily SheepleApr 21

Army Admits Fort Hood Shooter Was on Psychiatric Drugs
InfowarsApr 03

Parents told to vaccinate newborn or have him seized by the state
Police State USAApr 01
BIRMINGHAM, AL — Parents of a healthy newborn infant were told to consent to injecting him with drugs or lose him to the state.   This successful blackmail scheme was made possible by the state’s horrifying ability to seize children without due process.

Aliea Bidwell and Ben Gray became new parents on March 14th, 2014.  Their experience turned from joy to dismay when their parenthood was already being threatened on their son’s first day outside of the womb.  Ben and Aliea gave a d
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Autism Increased 30% in Just Two Years: Now It's 1 in 68
The Daily SheepleMar 28

Actress Denounced Over Refusal to Vaccinate Kids
Prison PlanetMar 20
Actress Kristin Cavallari is facing condemnation after she revealed during an interview that she didn’t vaccinate her children due to fears over a link to autism.

During an interview on Fox News, Cavallari, who had her first child in 2012 and is expecting another this year, responded to the host who lambasted Jenny McCarthy for not vaccinating her children before asking Cavallari, “are you opposed to vaccines?”

“We didn’t vaccinate,” states Cavallari, to which the
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OMG, you like, don't want to shoot your kids up with government-certified liability-protected deadly vaccines? Ur like a commie! LULZ!

Funny thing is this Fox host claims she's a libertarian, yet somehow she ignores the fact vaccine makers are entirely insulated from liability from the side effects of their vaccines thanks to a thoroughly corrupt arrangement with the state.

Instead, they have a giant fund which they use to pay out, to the tune of millions a year, to people who claim to be damaged from their vaccines. If the vaccines are so safe, why can't the companies face the same liabilities as everyone else? If you get caught not having a wheelchair ramp you can get shaken down for millions, yet this same government says vaccine makers can't be held liable for the effects of their injectables. It doesn't pass the most basic logic test.

I'm not against vaccines, I'm not against any technology, it's how the technology is used which is the issue. - Chris

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