Award-Winning Comedian: Politically Correct Left Has Killed Comedy
InfowarsJun 30
Bafta award-winning comedian Stephen Merchant argues that the authoritarian left has killed comedy, with satirists afraid to crack controversial jokes for fear of offending politically correct sensibilities.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Merchant, co-writer and co-director of the wildly popular British sitcom The Office, complained that perpetually of
... (more)

French Magazine Fined €10,000 For Encouraging Piracy
TorrentFreakJun 30

South Carolina Massacre Results In Apple Going Flag-Stupid In The App Store
TechdirtJun 26
It's been mere days since Dylann Roof forced his name into our lives by walking into an historic African American church in Charleston, South Carolina, praying with several black members of the church, and then brutally shooting most of them to death. As you can imagine, whenever a tragedy such as this occurs, the country enters into a rare moment of somber seriousness, finally choosing to discuss difficult topics that we've been otherwise avoiding and coming together united to build a better li... (more)

Piracy Concerns May Soon Kill Domain Name Privacy
TorrentFreakJun 26

Authorities Can't Find Anything To Charge Alleged 'Extremist' With But Still Insist On 24-Hour Monitoring, Computer Restrictions
TechdirtJun 25
Canada's civil liberties-trampling anti-terrorism law (C-51) only recently passed, but authorities have been nothing if not proactive in combating the threat posed by radicalized citizens. Co-... (more)

ICANN's War On Whois Privacy
TechdirtJun 25

NSA Spied On French Presidents: WikiLeaks
ReutersJun 25

Tech Company Finds Stolen Government Log-Ins All Over Web
Associated PressJun 25
These are the same people who clamor for more power in the name of "cyber security."

Australia Passes Its Own SOPA, Ignores All Concerns About It
TechdirtJun 24
As was widely expected after getting the greenlight to move forward with the bill, the Australian palirament has now approved its version of SOPA, allowing courts to issue censorship orders to block entire foreign websites outright, with no real recourse... (more)

California Professors Instructed Not to Say 'America is the Land of Opportunity'
The College FixJun 24

Popular Security Software Came Under Relentless NSA and GCHQ Attacks
The InterceptJun 24

LA School District Wants to Destroy the World’s Greatest Teacher Over Harmless Joke
ReasonJun 24

Confirmed: DOJ Obtained Gag Order To Keep Reason From Informing Affected Commenters Or Discussing Subpoena
TechdirtJun 22
A DOJ subpoena leaked to Ken "Popehat" White showed the government was more than willing to stomp all over free speech to "protect" unthreatened federal ... (more)

Evidence Suggests DOJ Got A Gag Order Silencing Reason Over Its Bogus Subpoena
TechdirtJun 19
A week and a half ago, we wrote about a story from Ken "Popehat" White revealing a highly questionable subpoena from the DOJ sent to the Libertarian website, concerning some silly comments made by users there. The comments were talking about killing the judge who was presiding over the Ross Ulbricht/Silk Road trial, but were th... (more)

Australian Lawmakers Rush Through Copyright Censorship Bill That Won't Work, And Will Do Harm
EFF.orgJun 18
Scarcely a week after the release of a legislative committee report on Australia's copyright censorship bill, the bill is gathering speed on its roll through Parliament. Although reports that the law has already passed are premature-... (more)

News Corp. Sends DMCA Notice Over Glenn Greenwald Trashing The Sunday Times' Ridiculous Snowden Story
TechdirtJun 16

Virginia Teenager Charged With Providing 'Material Support' For ISIS Through Tweets, Blog Posts About Privacy And Bitcoin
TechdirtJun 15
Wherein the Justice Department declares instructions on how to use Bitcoin to be "material support for terrorism."
Ali Shukri Amin, 17, admitted Thursday that he was behind the the now-suspended Twitter account @Amreekiwitness, which at one point had over 4,000 followers. Through it, according to a Department of Justice statement on Amin, he provided instructions on how to use the ... (more)

Australian States Consider Internet Ban For "Potential Jihadists"
EFF.orgJun 12
Police in two Australian states are considering a radical move to combat terrorism online: identifying "potential jihadists" and subjecting them to stringent measures that include restricting their movements, establishing curfews, and banning them from using the Internet entirely.

The measures, proposed by Victoria Police, are a troubling and deeply flawed attempt at addressing the problem of radicalization. Under the proposal, counterterrorism officers would be able to apply
... (more)

Man Receives Sex Act While Blacked Out, Gets Accused Of Sexual Assault
Washington ExaminerJun 11

Aussie 'Pirate' Site-Blocking Bill Given the Green Light
TorrentFreakJun 11

Department Of Justice Uses Grand Jury Subpoena To Identify Anonymous Commenters on a Silk Road Post at
PopehatJun 09

Scott A. Horstemeyer Abandons Defamation Case Against EFF
EFF.orgJun 09

You Can Be Prosecuted for Clearing Your Browser History
The NationJun 08

It Begins! Montana Man Being Prosecuted for 'Hate Speech' and Holocaust Denial
ReasonJun 08

New Snowden Documents Reveal Secret Memos Expanding Spying
ProPublicaJun 05

Americans Think 'USA Freedom Act' Gives Them Freedom
RTJun 05

For In The NOW with Anissa Naouai, The Resident hits Times Square to ask people whether or not they know about The Patriot Act turning into the USA Freedom Act and what the ramifications might be. Most haven't heard of the acts, but none of them trust the government anyway.

Secret Aerial FBI Program Uncovered By 23-Year-Old Journalist
CBS MinneapolisJun 04
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The FBI has admitted to flying secret surveillance flights over American cities in recent weeks.

And records show that includes the Twin Cities.

Screen grabs from the flight-tracking website show a small Cessna circled the Mall of America, Southdale Center in Edina, and downtown Minneapolis less than two weeks ago.

The story was first reported by Sam Richards who put out information under the twitter handle @Minn
... (more)

Google Takes MPAA to Court Over Secret Censorship Plans
TorrentFreakJun 04

Kim Dotcom Thwarts Huge U.S. Government Asset Grab
TorrentFreakJun 04

Maoist Shaming Tactics Spread from Shanghai to Santa Monica and Silicon Valley
Cato @ LibertyJun 03
Ariana Eunjung Cha reports on the newest target of public shaming in China:
Long before the Internet was invented, China’s Communist Party was already skilled in the art of public shaming.

Dissidents have been known to disappear and then reappear after having published essays of self-criticism. On state-run tele
... (more)

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