Glenn Greenwald Debates Former NSA Director Keith B. Alexander At HP Conference
YouTubeSep 21

General Keith B. Alexander, USA (Ret.), former director of the NSA and journalist Glenn Greenwald, widely known for writing a series of reports detailing U.S. surveillance programs based on classified documents disclosed by Edward Snowden debate security vs. privacy. What’s the right balance between protecting the data of your enterprise and protecting the pri
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Truth is there is no balance between security and liberty, liberty begets security whereas government "security" begets tyranny. - Chris

Kim Dotcom's Extradition Hearing Gets Underway
TorrentFreakSep 21

Feminists Seek to Ban Sex Robots in UK
ExpressSep 16

FBI Seizes Domains Of Two Pre-Release Music Sites
TorrentFreakSep 15

Feminist Research Fellow: Put All Men 'In Some Kind Of Camp'
The College FixSep 14

Stop Using Difficult-to-Guess Passwords, UK's Spying Agency GCHQ Recommends
The IndependentSep 12

NY Pushing for Black Boxes in Your Car That Records Everything About Your Driving
The Free Thought ProjectSep 11
New York City, NY – The New York City Department of Transportation is starting a pilot program in which drivers will install a little black box under their steering wheel to record driving habits. The agency says that the information collected will be able to help the drivers.

DOT senior project manager Alex Keating made a statement to CBS that didn’t make any sense or explain the program at all. In the statement he said, "It can tell the g-force of hard stopping or hard accelerat
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DHS Targets Library for Supporting Anonymous Internet Browsing
InfowarsSep 11
A library in New Hampshire caught the attention of the Department of Homeland Security recently after joining a project aimed at protecting the privacy of Internet users across the globe.

As reported by Propublica’s Julia Angwin, the incident began last July after the Kilton Public Library in Lebanon, New Hampshire, became the first in the coun
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Video: Women's Group Worships Hillary at Campaign Event, Swapping Her Name for Jesus in Gospel Song
The Daily SheepleSep 07

Hillary posed with some of the singers.

Well… this is just… scary.

The "Women’s Alternative Chorus" group "Voices of the Heart" decided to kick Jesus out of an old gospel song and replace him with Hillary for a recent campaign event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Woke up this mornin' with my mind, stayin' on Hillary

Woke up this
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New Mandatory Diversity Class at University of Oklahoma Draws Boos from Students
The College FixSep 07

Teen Boy Will Be Charged As Adult For Having Naked Pics of a Minor: Himself
ReasonSep 03

Will Your Car Obey You or the Police?
The Daily BellSep 03

Movie Studio & Copyright Troll Claim 'Mere Possession' Of Popcorn Time Is Illegal And Could Result In A Year In Jail
TechdirtSep 03

American Teen Gets 11 Year Sentence For Pro-ISIS Tweets That Taught People How To Use Bitcoin
TechdirtSep 01
Earlier this summer, the DOJ proudly announced that a Virginia teenager, Ali Shukri Amin, had taken a plea deal for "providing material support to ISIL" (the terrorist organization that everyone outside of the US government calls ISIS). This is back in the news now that Amin has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. Let's get this out of the way: ISIS is clearly a horrific ... (more)

Here's How Law Enforcement Agencies Impersonate Your Friends
ACLU.orgSep 01
We recently received a handbook from the DEA, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, seeking information about the use of impersonation as an investigative technique. While the 1999 handbook, titled Online Investigative Principles for Federal Law Enforcement Agents, was almost identical to a version of the handbook that is available online, there is one notable difference: the version that the DEA sent us includes a copy of the DEA's Consent to Assume Online Identity: Adult Consen... (more)

Austrian Economics Is Now Equivalent To Terrorism Thanks To Latest Islamic State "Gold Standard" Propaganda Clip
ZeroHedgeAug 31
What better way to mute demands for a return to sound money and the gold standard, than by making them equivalent to jihadist terrorism? Why, there are none, which is why some were thoroughly amused to see that yesterday the Islamic State's so called media center, the al Hayat, released a video whose production qualities are nothing short of Hollywood (or San Fernando valley at worst), in which the latest and greatest "jihadist terrorist group" that was a byproduct of US intervention in the Midd... (more)

Windows 10 Automatically Sends Parents Detailed Dossier of Their Children's Internet History and Computer Use
The IndependentAug 31

FDA Says Tobacco Manufacturers Can No Longer Call Additive-Free & Natural Cigarettes Additive-Free & Natural
InformationLiberationAug 29
In their ongoing quest to justify their existence, bureaucrats at the FDA have decreed three makers of cigarettes which are additive-free and natural can no longer call them additive-free and natural, because it may give consumers the impression the cigarettes "present a lower risk" of tobacco related illness.

From the FDA:
Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued warning letters to three tobacco manufacturers — ITG Brands LLC, Santa Fe... (more)

Appeals Court Strikes Down Ruling Finding NSA Phone Records Collection Unconstitutional
TechdirtAug 29
Back in December of 2013, judge Richard Leon of the DC district court, ruled that the NSA's bulk metadata collection under Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act was unconstitutional and issued an injunction against it (though, recognizing the inevitable appeal, Judge Leon stayed the injunction). This was in the case brought by Larry Klayman and FreedomWor... (more)

City of San Jose Looking To Attach Automatic License Plate Readers To Garbage Trucks
TechdirtAug 28
Because automatic license plate readers just aren't efficient enough -- what with their ability to capture hundreds, if not thousands, of plate scans per hour -- San Jose's city government is looking to deputize other businesses and their vehicles in its quest to achieve 100% coverage of the city.
M... (more)

Windows 10 Reserves The Right To Block Pirated Games And 'Unauthorized' Hardware
TechdirtAug 27

Nebraska Teachers Sign Pledge Promising To Propagandize Students
The Anti-MediaAug 24
Hastings School District in Nebraska recently caught the attention of the ACLU by forcing teachers to sign a pledge promising to propagandize children with nationalistic propaganda.

The pledge demanded that teachers mold students to have "love and devotion" for the U.S. government, giving a glimpse into the true motive of government education.

The issue was quickly noticed by the ACLU, which deemed the policy unconstitutional and demanded the school district stop fo
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Singer Morrissey: TSA Worker 'Put His Finger Down My Rear Cleavage'
TheHillAug 21

Wisconsin High School To Randomly Drug Test Students
InfowarsAug 20
A Wisconsin high school district has been caught up in controversy over a new policy to randomly drug test students, much like a prison would inmates.

The Crivitz school district will usher in the new policy in the fall, claiming that it is to “protect” students.

"We have a growing drug problem in Marinette County and in talking with the police force and talking with school administrators and other conference athletic directors, I just felt that as a school we coul
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Rightscorp's DMCA Subpoena Effort Crashes and Burns
TorrentFreakAug 20

Police Arrest Men For Spreading Popcorn Time Information
TorrentFreakAug 19

Chicago, Los Angeles Police Departments Have Been Using 'Stingrays On Steroids' For Over A Decade
TechdirtAug 18
More evidence has surfaced showing local law enforcement agencies are using high-powered surveillance equipment -- equipment originally designed for the military and highly-recommended by the NSA. Ali Winston and the Center for Investigative Reporting have obtained documents showing both Chicago and Los Angeles have used "dirt boxes" (D... (more)

Study Shows More Americans Than Ever Support Banning Books
The Free Thought ProjectAug 17
Although the tyrants in government are the ones who enforce the insane laws that are thrust upon the general population, the masses who loudly support the oppression are the ones who are responsible for its continuation. As a recent study revealed, the average American is more tyrannical than ever.
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AT&T Helped N.S.A. Spy on an Array of Internet Traffic
New York TimesAug 15

EU Printing Comics Full Of Pro-EU Propaganda For Children
RTAug 11

EU has launched cartoons for children promoting its policy in funding, health care and free movement. The cartoons are to improve the EU image in kids eyes.

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