Swedanistan: Cars Set Ablaze In Stockholm Suburb
InformationLiberationNov 29
Just another day in the multicultural paradise of Swedanistan...

From RT:
When the firefighters arrived at the scene, two cars were completely burned out and another one sustained burn damage. Similar incidents occurred on Saturday and Sunday, in the nearby area of Hallunda. The district is known for a high rate of criminality and drug distribution. Over the last year, around 70 cars have been burned in t... (more)

Somali 'Refugee' Goes Full-Jihad With Nice-Style Attack At Ohio State University
InformationLiberationNov 28
Donald Trump was right.

From RT:
The deceased suspect in the car-and-knife attack on Ohio State University in Columbus has been identified. The college-aged man of Somali descent injured 11 when he crashed his car into a group of people then attacked them with a butcher knife.

The incident began when a car rammed into people outside of Watts Hall around 9:40am local time. Th
... (more)

Lily Allen Won't Say If She's Taken A 'Refugee' Into Her Home As Promised A Month Ago
InformationLiberationNov 28
British pop star Lily Allen won't say whether or not she has taken any "refugees" into her home as she promised to do over a month ago.

From The Daily Express:
The popstar’s representatives remain tightlipped over over whether Ms Allen had offered sanctuary to a young asylum seeker or had in fact had any plans to do so when approached by Express.co.uk.
... (more)

Trump: 'I Won The Popular Vote If You Deduct The Millions Who Voted Illegally'
InformationLiberationNov 28
President-elect Donald Trump triggered the hell out of the lying media yesterday by saying he thinks he won the popular vote.

From Reuters:
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that besides winning the Electoral College "in a landslide" in the Nov. 8 election: "I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally."

The all
... (more)

Italy: Migrants Riot After Being Denied Asylum, Refuse to Leave, Demand Their 'Daily Allowance'
InformationLiberationNov 28
Video from Italian TV shows African migrants rioting after being denied asylum due to criminal behavior.

Rather than peacefully leave the refugee center where they were staying, the migrants barricaded themselves in a room and "demanded" they be given their "daily allowance."

Seven officers were injured trying to evict the criminals while only four migrants were arrested. The report says the refugee center is causing nothing but trouble as many of the migrants ar
... (more)

Italy's Minister Of Interior: Surrender Your Homes To Migrants Or Face Jail
InformationLiberationNov 27
Italy's Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano is planning to throw citizens in prison if they don't hand over their homes to migrants, according to a report from Italian paper Ilgiornale.

Just two weeks ago, a shocking video went viral which showed an 80-year-old Italian businessman named Luigi Fogli being forced by the state to house African migrants in his hotel.

Today, we learn the plan is slated
... (more)

MSM Runs With Fake News Story, Then Whines About Threat of Fake News
InformationLiberationNov 26
After running with what appears to have been a fake news story about CNN airing trans-porn for "30 minutes straight" Thursday, the lying media is trying to use the story to highlight the threat of "fake news," when all it actually shows is they have zero standards.

From USA Today:
No, despite what you read, CNN did not run porn for 30 minu... (more)

WATCH: Furious Italians Say They Want Migrants Out Of Their Country
InformationLiberationNov 26
Shocking street interviews show Italians openly express extreme hostility towards the Muslim migrants brought into their country by their government and the EU.

If this is an accurate representation of the average Italian's view of this mass migration, the country is likely headed for a civil war.
... (more)

How Fake News From The NY Times Helped Castro Seize Power
InformationLiberationNov 26
Fake news from the New York Times helped Castro seize power back in the 1950's.

From the Miami Herald:
On Dec. 2, 1956, Castro, Guevara and 80 followers reached the shore of Cuba’s Oriente province in a battered American cabin cruiser, the Granma, wretchedly seasick after a seven-day voyage. The men leaped into hip-deep mud and struggled through a ma... (more)

Bulgaria: 2,000 Afghan Migrants Riot & Set Fires After Refugee Center Quarantined
InformationLiberationNov 26
Video out of Bulgaria shows some 2,000 migrants riot and set fires after a quarantine was ordered at their refugee camp due to the reported spread of an infectious skin disease.

No doubt Bulgarians everywhere are thanking the EU right now for helping to enrich their culture.
... (more)

'Black Panthers' Place Bomb At White School to 'Start Race War,' 'Kill Cops' -- Media Shrug
InformationLiberationNov 26
A pair claiming to be Black Panthers placed an explosive device outside a majority white elementary school in Alabama and plotted to kill responding cops to "start a race war," but CNN and others didn't feel this was newsworthy.

From AL.com:
A convicted felon who claims he wanted to shoot cops is behind bars in connection with the explosives device planted out... (more)

Rush Limbaugh: Liberals, Democrats Are Now 'Genuinely Mentally Ill'
InformationLiberationNov 24
Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show Wednesday "your average, ordinary, everyday liberal or Democrat" is now "genuinely mentally ill" thanks to our hysterical, "fearmongering" media.

"They're sick, folks, they have literally been rendered sick," Rush said. "Your average, ordinary, everyday liberal or Democrat is genuinely mentally ill now when it comes to matters of politics and current affairs, current events. And they've been rendered this way by the media."
... (more)

Former Sanders Spox: 'We Don't Need White People Leading The Democratic Party'
InformationLiberationNov 24
According to former Bernie Sanders spokeswoman Symone Sanders, the "diverse" Democratic party doesn't need "white people" leading it.

CNN's Brianna Keilar asked Sanders on Wednesday for her thoughts on prospective DNC chair Howard Dean.

Sanders responded:
"Howard Dean, you know, Howard Dean wa... (more)

VIDEO: A SJW Thanksgiving
InformationLiberationNov 24
Julie Borowski on how leftists will celebrate this very special Thanksgiving in the wake of Donald Trump's victory.
... (more)

'She Doesn't Want to be White Anymore': 12yo Girl Bullied at Kansas City School for Being White
InformationLiberationNov 23
After being violently attacked twice in two weeks because of her race, the mother of a 12-year-old girl attending a school in Kansas City where whites are a minority says her daughter "doesn't want to be white anymore."

From FOX 4 KC:
KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A metro mom feels helpless after police say her daughter was attacked at school.... (more)

Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks In LAST PLACE In The NBA -- Trump Curse Confirmed!
InformationLiberationNov 23
The Trump curse is real.

Mark Cuban did everything in his power to assure Donald Trump was not elected.

Not only did he fail miserably, but now his precious Dallas Mavericks are in last place in the NBA.
... (more)
‘SNL’ Ratings Hit Season Low With Return of Alec Baldwin as Trump...

CNN: SPLC Editor Says 'Drain The Swamp' Is Racist
InformationLiberationNov 23
According to Southern Poverty Law Center editor Ryan Lenz, "drain the swamp" is a racist slogan.

While speaking with CNN's John Berman Tuesday, Lenz said: "Drain the swamp was a meme, a twitter hashtag that grew, exploded really, after Donald Trump came forward with allegations that it was a rigged election, and it was spread specifically, or among the people that were spreading the 'drain the swamp' hashtag were avowed racists—white supremacists who exist on Twitter to harass and
... (more)

SHOCK: Liberal Says N-Word Live On CNN, Shames Black Man For Supporting Trump!
InformationLiberationNov 22
Liberal CNN contributor Charles Kaiser said the n-word live on TV Tuesday afternoon, then tried to shame a black conservative for supporting Donald Trump.

The scene triggered CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin to start crying.

From Breitbart:
Kaiser said, “I’m delighted that Mr. Trump has visited my alma mater at The New York Times a... (more)

Fake News Site CNN Completely Misrepresents Quote, Rest of Lying Media Runs With It
InformationLiberationNov 22
CNN has once again shown themselves to be a fake news site.

Someone alert that feminist cat lady.

From The Daily Caller:
CNN made a false claim Monday afternoon and various journalists ran wild with it.
... (more)

CNN Commentator Says Steve Bannon is an "Avowed White Nationalist" (He's Not)
InformationLiberationNov 22
Rather than back off after being smashed in the election, the lying left is doubling down.

From Mediaite:
Today on CNN, Pamela Brown was moderating a conversation between a Donald Trump supporter and GOP consultant named Barry Bennett and Rich Benjamin, the author of a book called Searching for Whitopia. When Brown asked the... (more)

Study: A Third Of Germans 'Feel Like Strangers in Their Own Country' Due to 'Muslim Infiltration'
InformationLiberationNov 22
There's nothing more "culturally enriching" than feeling totally alienated in your own country.

From The Daily Express:
A THIRD of Germans feel they are strangers in their own country due to an “infiltration by Muslims”, a new study has revealed.

An increase in violence, polarisation and a strong mistrust in democracy is taking over Germany, the
... (more)

Trump Rips Lying Media To Their Faces At Private Summit: 'It Was Like A F-ing Firing Squad'
InformationLiberationNov 22
We've officially entered a new era.

No one gives a damn anymore about anything the lying media has to say.

From the New York Post:
Donald Trump scolded media big shots during an off-the-record Trump Tower sitdown on Monday, sources told The Post.

“It was like a f–ing firing squad,” one source said of the encounter.

... (more)

Germany: 'Refugees' Burned Down Asylum Center Because 'There Wasn't Enough Nutella'
InformationLiberationNov 21
Muslim "refugees" in Germany burned down an asylum center on Ramadan earlier this year because "there wasn't enough Nutella."

From Bild.de (as translated by Diversity Macht Frei):
They are alleged to have set fire to an old conference hall because... (more)

Putin: 'Trump Confirmed He Is Willing To Normalize Russia-US Relations, I Told Him The Same'
InformationLiberationNov 21
Bad news guys, we're not going to have WW3 with Russia because Putin's doing stuff Neocons don't like in some country halfway across the world.

I, for one, was really looking forward to the prospect of a nuclear holocaust in order to maybe-possibly protect the interests of Israel in Syria.

Now, we're just going to work together with Russia as allies to destroy ISIS, bummer.

As Reuters re
... (more)

No Hate Crime Charges For Thugs Filmed Beating 'White Boy' Trump Voter in Chicago
InformationLiberationNov 21
Despite violently assaulting a man because he was a "white boy Trump supporter," no hate crime charges are being filed against four thugs who were filmed beating and carjacking an innocent man in Chicago earlier this month.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Four people have been charged after a man was... (more)

Howard Dean Says Steve Bannon Is A 'Nazi'
InformationLiberationNov 21
Steve Bannon = Hitler confirmed!

From Breitbart:
Former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean called incoming White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor Stephen K. Bannon... (more)

Nice Timing: 'Hamilton' Stunt Happens As Broadway 'Needs Republican Votes' To Get Tax Break
InformationLiberationNov 20
The cast of Hamilton's idiotic stunt may cost their executives a pretty penny.

With Obama at the helm in 2015, Broadway producers were given special tax breaks by Congress.

Now that Republicans have control of the House, Senate and presidency, their special treatment is likely going to end.

"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant of the Hamilton cast to embarrass Pence at a time when Broadway needs Republican votes in Congress. Genius," former New York Ti
... (more)

Man Admits He Made Up "Trump Country Lynching" Hate Crime, Says He Did It To "Raise Awareness"
InformationLiberationNov 20
Another "hate crime" hoax busted.

From Breitbart:
An African-American man in Malden, Massachusetts has now admitted that he fabricated a hate crime report when he claimed two white men accosted him, saying the U.S. is now "Trump country," and threatened to lynch him.

A man in the suburb north of Boston told police on
... (more)

LOL: Recalled 'Madam President' Newsweek Magazine Leaked Online!
InformationLiberationNov 19
Someone leaked a full copy of Newsweek's recalled "Madam President" magazine -- it's hilarious.

Newsweek licensee Topix Media, who created the magazine, said 125,000 copies with Hillary Clinton on the cover were printed and shipped, though only 17 were actually sold.

Here's some shots from inside:
... (more)

SHOCK VIDEO: 80-Yr-Old Italian Hotel Owner FORCED by Police to House 'Refugees'
InformationLiberationNov 17
Shocking video out of Italy shows an 80-year-old hotel owner try and barricade the doors to his hotel to avoid being forced to house a small army of so-called "refugees," all of whom appear to be military-aged males from Africa.

From Diversity Macht Frei:
The elderly gentleman in the video is Luigi Fogli, a businessman in his 80s, who runs a hotel (Hotel Lory)... (more)

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